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  1. I noticed that on my vista 64 bit AMD machine .. if I "Open File Location" from utorrent it opens up a 32bit explorer window ... Can it open up a 64 bit explorer window instead ? When I am moving files around ..It is kind of a pain having a stack of 64bit explorer windows and another stack of 32 bit explorer windows. Especailly when the 32 bit windows are a little slower on a 64 bit machine / OS. Just something for the wish list. Thanks
  2. You most likely don't get any possitive feed back ... I thought I would give one. Beta 1.7 2151 works great on Win Server 2008 (longhorn beta 3, 6001) - it did the auto update just fine from the previous beta. etc ..etc I am running a ton of seeds and everything is going strong with out any errors or bugs. Here is my snap shot of my screen Thanks for your hard work !!