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  1. Feature or bug - I have stopped torrent with some files. If I select all(!) files inside the torrent and select for them "Don't download" - the torrent itselfs moved in the list to the bottom to some random place. Then, if I set for at least one file inside the torrent - 'Normal Priority' - torrent itself moved to the first place. Is it right behaviour? List of torrents is sorted by '#'.
  2. uTorrent 1.8.1 beta (build 12130) crashes on Vista 32 Ent. sp1
  3. @Ultima I just wanted to say that it is better say just 1 time about problem in settings file and fix file, but it is already fixed :-)
  4. @Ultima Problem had fixed in the lates build.
  5. @Ultima I understand this way, but, IMHO, if uTorrent can understand that settings.dat has problem and uTorrent has ability to write to settings.dat - why not to fix it automatically ?
  6. @Lord Alderaan too complicated, I think a better idea is that uTorrent correct settings file itself.
  7. How to fix settings.dat in simple way ?
  8. Richard Choi "Unable to load "<NULL>": it is always happened when (steps): 1. put some torrent file to Autoload folder, so, torrent loaded 2. put again same torrent file to Autoload folder
  9. Probably you need to set up lower upload limit.
  10. Sometimes I see "µTorrent/1.6.1", but then it is converted to correct "µTorrent 1.6.1" Also, why µTorrent shows "Azureus/", but not "Azureus" ?
  11. I found patch for Vista 32/64 to extent half-open connections quantity: