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  1. I have upgraded to WebUI v0.362 WIP, and it seems to have "fixed" both of my problems. I can now add torrents from the webUI, and I no longer seem to have caching problems in FireFox. Before I upgraded the file, when I would bring up the webUI, I would get the frame of the webUI, but in the center of the page I'd see "Loading" and the rotating wait icon. When I pressed CTRL-F5, I'd then get all the info for my torrents. Thank you for your help. Happy holidays.
  2. I am running uTorrent v2.0 build 17668 on the Windows Home Server OS revved to SP2 (Windows Home Server is essentially Windows Server 2003). I have the client set up to automatically upgrade me as you make new beta versions available. My file has a creation date of 12-18-2008. The files inside the file are dated 9-4-2008. I don't know how else to get version information from it. I am accessing uTorrent from Firefox 3.5.6 and/or IE 8.0.7600.16385, running on Windows 7. With recent betas of uTorrent, I am seeing two behavior changes, one cosmetic, one substantial. Cosmetically, I find myself having to type CTRL-F5 virtually every time I bring up the app in Firefox. I do not see the same problem in IE8. Substantially, "Add File" no longer works: I can start and stop torrents from the webUI, I can delete torrents from the webUI, but I cannot add torrents. When I try to add them, the dialog behaves as usual: I can browse to a torrent file, and then I can click to add it. At that point the file I browsed to is removed from the browse textbox, but the torrent is not added. I see this problem in IE8 as well as Firefox.
  3. SteveSw

    WebUI v0.315

    I have found a way to make the new beta build work. Originally, I installed the beta with the build I downloaded from the web, then grabbed a new copy of the webui and installed it as I have several times (I've been using it since it was available for 1.6). That led to the situation I described above. This morning, looking through the forum, I found an installer that handles both uTorrent and the webui in one fell swoop. So I uninstalled everything, then reinstalled using that installer. As per your hint here, I turned off the alternate webui port. Now the webui works. The only change I could see between what the new installer did and what I did is, when I just installed the latest beta it installed itself automatically into \users\me\program files\uTorrent. The new installer gave me the default option of installing into \program files\uTorrent, which I accepted. The settings files are still in \users\me\app data\roaming\uTorrent, as is the file. I'm not sure what's different in the automatic installation, but anyone who is having a problem might want to uninstall and use the new installer: Check here for more details:
  4. SteveSw

    WebUI v0.315

    i would be happy to provide additional debugging help: i'm a programmer, so i might be useful. enabling and disabling the web ui has no effect on this behavior, i see the same message offering to download a file in both cases.
  5. SteveSw

    WebUI v0.315

    Sorry, I was typing that message while you were responding. I am not using an alternative port. I can verify that the port in the configuration is the port I'm using because one of the tracker sites I use tells me my port. I am trying to access the webui from a bookmark that worked before the upgrade.
  6. SteveSw

    WebUI v0.315

    I've just upgraded from 1.7.0 beta build 147x to build 1875. The upgrade introduced a problem with the web ui. I'm using Vista and Firefox. The settings file in my client is now in apdata\roaming\utorrent. So I've put the file there. When I point my browser at the client, i get an "Opening" dialog box that says "You have chosen to open" followed by a blank space. The file is identified as an application\octet-stream. It's from http://myipaddress:myport (even though I'm opening /gui/). Firefox asks me what it should do, open the file with some rogram or save the file to disc. This happens whether or not the web ui is enabled in the properties page.