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    quote from "mook" page 25: What I meant about the 'outgoing port range' is that sometimes businesses will setup a firewall to give you exactly what you need for standard services (HTTP, etc.) and nothing else. Also take into consideration that the ports randomly assigned by utorrent are usually pretty high(in the 10s of thousands), where there's very few, if any, standard services using that range. So it may be possible that your employer has your outgoing utorrent port blocked. Reply from "jai7279" (now): Is there any way around this because I think that is what is happening with my attempts. Firefox portable mostly comes back with "web server refused the connection" and "timed out" messages Should I change my uTorrent port at home to something that my work computer won't block? I have tried many many different ways to get it to work, mostly from reading the readme's and trying suggestions from this forum. Please help as it is very frustrating! Cheers, Jai7279
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