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  1. Fixed. moved my download folder from F: HDD to Local Disk C: and all is okay. So i guess there's something goin on there. Thanks to Firon too for helping me on IRC
  2. Firon, it's back. That dreaded "Access denied" bubble. What have i done to deserve this I did a fresh install of XP Pro today, she's all patched up. Running Zone Alarm, and NOD32 and now I am going to cry werrrrrrrrrr! I need helpski's :(:(:(:(:( I'll give you some infooo!!! PC: AMD 2600+ 768MB DDR GeForceFX 5900XT - Latest drivers 81.98 ABIT NF7-S 2.0 - Latest NForce2's 5.10 80GB Seagate SATA 30GB Maxtor ATA133 SBLive 5.1 Don't know if that help's but you could pass that onto Lude. -------------- Boo hoo
  3. Click Help > Check for Updates to update automatically to 1.4. If you want the betas, download from the download page, rename to utorrent.exe and overwrite the existing .exe
  4. Porblem fixed guys It was definately an issue with Kaspersky Antivirus. After uninstall the Services still remained. After i remove these all was okay I'm using NOD32 now and all is okay. Thanks for all the help. Especially Firon. That's an addidion for your FAQ - Gooey
  5. Tried that. It just say "No locking handle found" Don't know what it's suposed to say.
  6. Ludde the debugging would be great SledgeDG: alg.exe is required to use a 3rd party firewall in XP. I do share the internet on a router Netgear RP614v3. Windows firewall is off. So.. I don't know.
  7. No that didn't work either I had a plan i'd try saving the torrent to disk and opening it through the open dialog through uTorrent. That didn't work either. So i don't know what dould be the problem? Isn't anyone else having this Error. Or is it just little old me Does me being able to rename the .exe whilst it's in use have anything to do with this? Shouldn't i be getting an error from windows saying the file is in use? :/ Like i said files will download if i add them through 1.3 then open the new 1.4 or the Betas. It seems that adding the torrent with 1.4 > causes the error.
  8. Nope it wasn't my AV i've completly uninstalled it and i'm still getting the error The only other thing i have running is ZoneAlarm that's it.
  9. Yeah I have got Kaspersky Antivirus Personal 5.0.388 (Latest Build) It is closed though. Although there may be services resident in the memory. I'll try uninstall and tel you know the results.
  10. No it still is'nt fixed. Downloads work if I add them through 1.3. But not when I start them in 405
  11. To be honest i don't give two shits about this capping business anymore. I use private trackers. I ain't bumming non of this public shite, so.. In an ideal world everyone would share. But you raving on isn't going to change anything. I don't know what you hope to achieve by your dossiers. uT has caps some people don't care some do. But those who don't will change. So we havn't really solved anything. If we want a large userbase this isn't the way forward. I'm sticking, this capping doesn't effect me. But I do agree with some points here. - Gooey
  12. Awwwwww! I though Firon said they had addressed the "Error: Access Denied" bug. I am still getting it, so it isn't fixed. That should be priority. Please fix it so i can start using RSS - Gooey
  13. Both your Upload and Download stop. Are you on a Router? If so maybe you have too many open connections and your router is crashing.
  14. Well this thread turned into a bit of a bitch fest. Roll on the new release so the "Access Denied" bug is gone xD - Gooey
  15. Please resolve the "Error Access Denied" Message xD