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  1. How is it strange? There's nothing bad in µTorrent, so it's stranger that there's people banning it in the first place.
  2. I'm a horrible beta tester because nothing ever works incorrectly for me ^^;;
  3. @blah_b_lablah (re: quoting space): We were told to remove all redundant quoting of anything in favor of keeping everything in all threads as specific as possible without wasting space on quotes that could simply be referenced instead of quoted. Continuity isn't the issue. The issue lies in keeping everything redundant out. @blah_b_lablah (re: quoting being a problem): Other forums are a lot more lenient regarding posting ettiquette. In case you haven't noticed, we happen to be strict here. In addition, when the forums were just started, we identified excessive quoting (including, but not limited to quote pyramids) and double posting (defined as any two consecutive posts by the same author, not necessarily identical posts) as the two most prevalent issues for us to tackle. Other issues such as inappropriate content and bumping were minor, but still present. Excessive quoting was significantly reduced by the removal of the quick quoting link, though occasionally someone would feel the urge to manually quote the previous post in its entirety. @blah_b_lablah (re: questioning my maturity): I understand how you got that kind of impression of me, so I feel the need to set the record straight. I fit under the definition of a 'social parasite.' My main enjoyment in moderating these forums comes from stepping and subsequently stomping on others' toes; their grief is my happiness. However your definition of maturity labels my actions, I can guarantee you that I'm enjoying this far more than you ever will. ---- In almost all the cases we encountered, removing the quote and pasting the edit explanation sufficed to prevent excessive quoting from happening again. The key lay in how people realized that it was a rule, and whether it was logical or not, they ended up following it. This is where you differed. You decided that your way was the only correct way and went against policy to continue pursuing what we as moderators judged to be inappropriate actions, including but not limited to: repeated violation of rules and personal attacks on staff, resulting in your ban. Whether a policy is logical or not, those affected need to follow it. If a hypothetical law forbidding throwing styrofoam cups into garbage cans were passed and actively enforced, violating it would result in consequences. Policy is not subject to the interpretation of those affected. You were free to object to the logic behind any policy until policies were broken, at which point the problem became enforcement of policy rather than discussion about it. Additionally, ignorance of policies does not constitute an excuse for breaking them. Next time, take the two minutes to read the stickies and don't assume that ignorant behavior that is not corrected in another forum constitutes allowable behavior in another.
  4. @blah_b_lahblah (re: your opinion on quoting): It doesn't matter what your opinion is since the administrators chose the moderators for their policies on keeping things clean. My policy revolves around removing anything that's purely redundant and unnecessary. @blah_b_lahblah (re: quoting being the biggest issue): It used to be until we removed the easy quoting link. Now they're double posts and people who don't read rules on content. Just check the Trash subforum. Lots of new threads get tossed in there daily, and even hourly.
  5. First, the recommended quoting format is: @yetanotherid: Stop quoting the last post. If you need to clarify what part of their post you're referring to, you can do this: @yetanotherid (re: excessive quoting): Stop quoting the last post. I'd like to think we aren't dim-witted idiots who can't form the connection between one post and the next. Secondly, if you bothered reading the stickies, you would have found this thread. Thirdly, I wasn't using faulty logic. Quote pyramids are abominable, and many of them result from people just quoting the previous post anyway instead of clicking reply, so by globally discouraging quoting any part of the previous post, it translates into an implied discouragement of quote pyramids. Without the act of quoting, quote pyramids could not exist. Fourthly, I was also not aware that I was even veiling my threats. They were intended to be open threats. Keeping the forums clean is my job, and I plan on doing that to my fullest ability.
  6. @yetanotherid: What you SHOULD be doing in that forum is just replying normally, and then editing your post afterwards to clarify if needed instead of developing a bad habit of just quoting anyway. Such behavior is exactly what creates quote pyramids, and those are bannable offenses
  7. User error has nothing to do with intelligence. Even the smartest people screw things up. It's basically Occam's Razor... the simplest solution is generally the best one. In most cases, that happens to be that someone messed up.
  8. Others are have been able to get µTorrent running with their software firewalls without issues, so I'm confident you fall under the 99% of cases where the problem belongs with whatever is between the keyboard and the chair. Additionally, I'll refer to my tried and true analogy for software firewalls being a guard that lets a murderer in and then tells him to get out, while a hardware firewall is one that not only refuses to let the murderer in, but doesn't even let him know that there's anyone inside the house.
  9. Wrong. Software firewalls really aren't going to help you in the first place, so turning it off isn't really hurting you.
  10. As nice as it is, I think ludde did mention that it shouldn't be µ-centric... As in it should be an entirely new logo rather than just a redesign or improvement of the current icons.
  11. Someone should make a post on digg about this It'll make the *nix users happy.
  12. Please read that article and digg here:
  13. silverfire


    ludde doesn't need to comment on something or reply to something to be considering something. This is turning into a personal attack on ludde, so I'm closing the topic. Feel free to restart the thread when you realize that your questions might not be the most important ones in the world.
  14. Haha I never ran diagnostics afterwards simply because I know it was just way too many apps hitting the drive that made it choke up and probably give the wrong data to the wrong thing for a sec. Anyway, I've "fixed" it four times now, so I'm 100% sure on that method