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  1. Congressman to Comcast: Stop interfering with BitTorrent - Congressman Rick Boucher (D-VA) is now the first politician to speak out against Comcast's anti-BitTorrent tactics Read at: http://www.news.com/8301-10784_3-9804158-7.html
  2. Maybe your are victims of some rootkit virus or Microsoft stealth auto update all XP and Vista products are doing update without any permission of owner there is information about that on the news http://www.news.com/8301-10784_3-9778152-7.html http://www.microsoft-watch.com/content/operating_systems/windows_updates_sneaky_updates.html I have 3 servers 2k3r2sp1 and 1 xpprosp2 with 1.7.5 and they are working fine. Only problem is with xpprosp2 machine (512/64(8/1)) 30kb max of download, cause a small upload capability and this is not problem 1.7.5 version. My advice is to backup your data's and wipe out everything make clean new installation of OS (disable auto-update and system-restore services).
  3. Sorry I forget to notice people that ISP changed minimal type of connection from 4/1(256/64) to 8/1(512/64) and everything what is depend of upload become a problem and this is not a problem of utorrent 1.7.5. On the other hand I update from 1.7.4 to 1.7.5 on 3 of my fast servers for seed our software products and didn't find any problem. As network ing. and administrator I don't use any kind of firewall cause all new routers have lot of functions of firewalls there is no need for filtering traffic which is all ready filtered. I have a case 3 weeks ago , lamer install Kasperski 7.0 and block all p2p traffic my only suggestion was to uninstall and he's problem was solved . All new antivirus products have some kind of firewall be very careful with anything what have firewall .
  4. I have reports from ADSL users they have very high decrees of d/u performance with rate 8/1(512/64Kb). I redirect them to bit calculators but with no + effect on performance do we have any solution for that problem or should I suggest them to change type of connection with better rate 4/1(512/128Kb) or 2/1(512/256Kb) which I prefer more than 8/1(512/64Kb)?
  5. kdr8

    WebUI v0.315

    There is one something to report I think: Web-ui with 1.7.2. (build3458) parameter data on tracker status and general status are not showing. Only transfer status with out time elipsed,down limit,up limit,wasted.I am testing these new versions on 3 fast servers and have same results. here is view http://rapidshare.com/files/47074601/web-ui.png.html
  6. Question for DreadWingKnight is there any possibility to gain editorial rights for Serbian part of forum?
  7. Web interface bug: When you import torrents with web interface you can see torrents only in the web interface in application nothing 0 I have 3 utorent 1.7beta.1703 on 3 different servers and its same bug I am all so using remote desktop for administration and was thinking that's because of remote desktop, it is not.After physical checking I got same result . Did any 1 report that kind of bug and what's the problem with web interface?
  8. My Planet ADE-4400BV2 works fine with 1.7.1092 even with this log report [01:02:43] Unable to map UPnP Port. [01:02:43] Unable to map NAT-PMP Port. Port forwarding is ok and runs automatically Download is little-bit slower may be 5% No crashes to report for now good work for beta