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  1. Phreakwenci and I at least are both having it.
  2. This is exactly the error I keep getting. It's nice to know my machine isn't being dumb and that it's actually just a hiccup with the alpha.
  3. OK, another odd one, a torrent finished downloading, but instead of moving the file to the 'Downloads' folder, uTorrent then renamed the file in the files section to the name of the downloads folder, so instead of being 'TV Show 2x19.mkv', the file composition of the torrent simply contained 'Downloads', as a folder. Because the file name of the show it had just finished downloading was not 'Downloads', but 'TV Show 2x19.mkv' it promptly broke and asked for a recheck. This proved to be impossible however, as it now only looked for folders and not files. Manually relocating the download to the fully downloaded file worked, and the file checked through OK, but when asked to start again in order to upload, the file changed name again to 'Downloads' and promptly broke again. Manually moving the file to the 'Downloads' folder and starting again from there instead seemed to do the trick, and the expected file stayed correct, so the problem probably lies once again in the file move on completion process.
  4. Might be a bug in the display of priorities and download status with partially downloaded torrents. The "Don't Download" option changes the displayed priority to 'skip', but the status of the torrent as a whole is set to 'Downloading' despite there being no unfinished files requested in the torrent. The background for the pieces tracker in the files tab also turns white instead of staying red like before, and the completion meter displays at less than 100%. The files I have not requested do not seem to download, but the torrent this is occurring on with me is relatively quiet, so I am unsure if the 'Downloading' status is incorrect or if my client is simply not receiving any pieces. The torrent also does not seem to be uploading, but I would hazard a guess that that is also because the torrent is quiet.