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  1. I was partially downloading a torrent, containing 6700 files to be exact, and all of a sudden the status of the torrent changes to "Error: the Data is Invalid". I'm not sure what's causing this and I searched already. I only saw 2 other topics from a year ago. I have compact allocation set to false (default). Any idea what is causing this? This is the first time i've seen this error, but also the first time i've downloaded something with this many files. Also, I had downloaded over 1.5 GB of the 15.8 GB of it, and all of a sudden it says I only have 250 MB completed now. It's killing my ratio on this site edit: screw it. i'll just download all of it so I don't worry about this error.
  2. why whenever in the peers tab, when I press the '%' column, the little arrow points up, but the percentage complete goes in ascending order? And when I press it a 2nd time, the arrow points down, and it goes in descending order? In 1.6 version, it used to be the other way around (arrow pointing up, but percentage complete goes descending, arrow pointing down, it goes in ascending order). Why was this changed?
  3. Why is boss key even implemented? By your (vurlix's) logic, if password protection isn't being implemented because, "you shouldn't be downloading stuff you don't want others to know about" then boss key should have not been implemented either because, "you shouldn't be DOING STUFF you don't want your boss to know about." Besides, you shouldn't be running torrents anyway at your workplace because you are eating up their bandwidth. Just a thought.