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  1. Ok, thank you. Surprisingly utorrent shows ALWAYS ONLY the webpage of the first search engines which found matches. Is there an option to open the result lists for ALL listed search engines in browser?
  2. Assume I go to Preferences--->Directories and enter some folders with blank inside (e.g. D:\tools\utorr\download torrents) When I later I´try to add a *.torrent file then utorrent tells me "Cannot add torrent to D:\tools\utorr\download torrents As soon as I change the path to D:\tools\utorr\downloadtorrents (=without blank) it works. So it seems to me that utorrent has problems with directory names with blanks inside. Can someone confirm this? Is there a workaround for this? Thank you Peter
  3. In Preferences--->Advanced--->UI Extras users can enter a list of search engines Is there somewhere a list of good and valid search engines which I can copy and paste into this text field?
  4. Sometimes I let utorrent run unattended and download a couple of big files. It happened in the past that utorrent uses all the remaining hard disk space for downloaded files. Is there a way to to tell utorrent to leave at least lets say 2GB free space on the hard disk?
  5. The version here is v3.5.4.44632 and the popup looks like the following snapshot:
  6. Sometimes when I add a new torrent a popup appears telling me: "The torrent your are trying to add is already in the list of torrents. Do you want to load the trackers from it?" How can I automatically answer YES and suppress such dialog popups in the future?
  7. This seems to work only for NEW added torrent but not for existing. Is this correct?
  8. Hmm, there is no such option here (see attached snapshot). Maybe its because I am using not the newest version but v3.5.4 b44632 For now I prefer to continue to use this older version. Where is this option located?
  9. How can I add torrents to the download list but NOT automatically start them. And no auto-start on startup/launch of utorrent program should be done. Instead I want to start (all) downloads from the current list manually. How can I achieve this?