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  1. Actually, I really like GetRight's idea. Although the existing spec is not clear on how multi-file torrents should be handled, it would be a simple matter to extend it to allow them. As I see it, there are two ways that it could be extended: 1) Multi-file torrents would have URLs for each file available in the "url-list", and these would be matched to the file downloading based off of the filename. When the Bittorrent client wishes to use an HTTP seed for file XXXXyyyy.zzz, it checks in the "url-list" for a file with that name. 2) The "url-list" in a multi-file torrent would contain the URL to the parent directory where files are contained. If a piece is wanted from an HTTP seed, the file's name is simply concatenated to the end of one of the directories in the url-list. The first is a lot more flexible for file location, since not all the files have to exist at the same path (or even on the same server!), though suffers from the fact that no two files may have the same name. The second is stricter in where files may exist (the directory structure of the downloaded torrent must be mirrored on the HTTP server), but files can have identical names because of this. Both suffer from the fact that filenames (and directories as well for the 2nd method) contained on the servers MUST match those being served via HTTP. The BitTornado spec is a lot less problematic in one sense, since it does not suffer from the filename problem, but more restrictive as HTTP servers require additional software to be of any use to the BitTorrent community. Personally, I'd love to see either implemented, though if given a choice I'd prefer an extension to the GetRight method since the filename problem isn't all that huge, and there are (and likely always will be) more HTTP servers without a BitTorrent frontend. JigPu
  2. I'm still with the original tribal (jeez I sound like a broken record!), though BSH's 2nd red bearded viking is pretty dang awesome too. I'm down with either currently Shrill -- I like the shading of the 2nd of the new set more than the 1st, but the eyes weird me out a bit too much (reminds me of a Jigglypuff and it's huge eyes). I don't know how well shading would work on the 1st, but you might try playing around with them a bit more. JigPu
  3. Pyewacket, thanks for saving me the trouble of writing that up for myself! It's everything I wanted to say, but probably better written JigPu
  4. The ninja concept is good, but I'm no so big on the implementations. Put simply, neither ninja really looks like one... They look like they'll completely pwn me in a fight, but they're no ninja -- more like my little brother dressed up in a ninja constume ready to kick my butt . I think the main reason for it is that they don't say "sleek" and "shadow-blending" (which are the two adjectives I'd give a ninja). Reduce or darkening the color a bit would help, as would shrinking their heads. Still going for the tribal dude. At first it dosen't exactly seem obvious why he'd make a good mascot (as Azureus' frog dosen't until you learn that an azureus is exactly what their mascott is! ), but there have been tons of good insights on how it captures the nature of µTorrent. Furthermore, the art itself mirrors µTorrent's simplicity. The "spiffy" logos (xxxLesy's awesome banner for example) just don't seem to work with µTorrent. The original green-on-white, as bland as it may be, suits the project REALLY well. Ludde wanted something more colorful, but I don't think we have to bust out a lot more color (or complexity) in a logo -- try keeping it simple BloodStaindHurricane @xxxLesy: AWESOME comic there! Down with Azureus! JigPu
  5. What he said At 16x16, only the most basic of icons will look OK since you end up throwing out a lot of detail when resizing. However, that dosen't mean you can't specifically tweak the 16x16 version a bit to make it stand out more. Whether that means simplifying the design for that size, reducing the number of colors, making the colors stand out more, or even using a slightly different verison (e.g., a stylized hummingbird 16x16 icon, a realistic hummingbird logo and 92x92 icon). JigPu
  6. Tribal - Simply awesome. Hummingbird - Like the idea, but reminds me a bit too much of the Mozilla Sunbird project... Red Blood Cell - Looks good in the "about" window, but the tray icon makes me think antivirus or something. My "I'm a n00b with the Gimp" submission: It looks OK at 16x16 thanks to alphablending, but dosen't quite pop out enough... I probably need to tweak the color a bit or give it some kind of outline.