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    WebUI v0.315

    ICleolion dont realy need help i was tried when i made last post wasnt yet wake i guess what i was trying to say i got stander belkin router and running windows one care for firewall that basickly nothing and i got a stander comcast cable connetion with no restrtion on it that i am aware of oh win xp pro fire fox ie6 nor oprea worked didnt even get load error i am thinking that how there realy nothing for me to have to config it should worked right out box but yet it didnt so i guess it still a bit buggy is all
  2. marlboro

    WebUI v0.315

    wont work at all just tryed running it on 3 differnt browser nothing and i am not running anything special to config but a belkin router and a basic firewall no big deal it not somthing that i actuly got a lot use for but it be nice for when i am the parent house to see what going