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  1. Using v2.0.4 Pros Light on resources Minimal interface but with enough features Cons Closed source Bundled with adware A bug that causes crash under specific circumstances
  2. since this new version sometimes 100% complete downloads still have some files with .!ut extension. after a Force Re-Check the extensions are renamed to what they are supposed to be, with no additional download to complete the download (except once which 100% became about 90%).
  3. I see... secret like the latest build of 2.0.4. this secrecy makes me nervous. better look for alternatives.
  4. what's new in November 4, 2010 release ?
  5. @ #250 and #251 yes yes the reason is technically implied. talking about the highlighted sentence. that doesn't seem ok, does it?
  6. no reason given for speed test failure. v2.0 b17774
  7. this is even better than pure webseeding: snippet: This is a proposed extension to the .torrent metafile for torrents to add permanent seeds to a file that run on protocols other than BitTorrent. * http:// * ftp:// * ed2k:// * magnet:?