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  1. typo in "uncompressed" url - should be /1.8.1/ instead of /beta/
  2. Switeck There is nothing to wireshark - that server just stopped accepting connections on August 15..16
  3. There are now two counters (both shown in Help > Show Statistics). This comparison error message seems was intentionally left for debugging purposes.
  4. tjobo uTorrent does not try to reverse engineer tcpip.sys to find out the system default. 8 is just 80% of the minimum known limit.
  5. Not related to any bittorrent client at all. This tracker is just down ->
  6. Known as pet peeve of Switeck -> While this behaviour (empty field = "do not change") is helpful when you set properties for several torrents at once.
  7. Which also fixes magnet downloads, thanks.
  8. Confirmed here, but only for this (build 11903) beta. Previous public beta build (11882) behaves properly.
  9. gwyld2 Ask tracker owner to allow everybody to do manual update "whenever you want".
  10. Could it be that your tracker is just checking against User-Agent and not peer_id? User-Agent: uTorrent/181B(11903)
  11. 1 minute F1 -> Search -> "Update Tracker"
  12. So true. I was laxed and failed to report in the 1 hour period between the last post-last-RC build and release. That's why I'm now embarrassed and beggin to prolong this last call period next time to 1 week or something
  13. rafi Yep, you just reworded what I've said =) There was no reason to rush release when testing is done mostly by users and especially untill original bugreporter (chupakabra) for the known last release-stopping bug confirmed it was/was not fixed. For sure this "one leftover bug" is not terrible if comparing with previous 1.x.0 release which was banned on private trackers twice in a row because of some "leftover bugs" slipped into just before the release
  14. chupakabra Oh, you already reported this. Both confirmed here. Single-file magnet downloads are now just completely broken :-/ --> Found Bugs » 1.8 Single file magnet URI downloads broken in build 11730 and upwards Firon Btw what was the point to rush the release in half an hour after release-stopping bug fixed when you know [1] [2] that this development team constantly fails to do regression tests after pushing new features/bugfixes?
  15. pps. Interesting that web-seeding implementation used in the OpenOffice torrents is not compatible with uTorrent - they provide urls via the sources key (mentioned by DreadWingKnight), while uTorrent seems to support only the url-list convention (GetRight-style).