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  1. Can you tell me where i can see that document? I am using a wireless for my connection. Thank you.
  2. sorry, but what is the global port range for uTorrent? also, how do i find my bandwidth? i have multiple computers on this network. is it ok if i only give myself a static ip? My DHCP in "ipconfig/all" shows enabled, what does that mean?
  3. My status bar shows a NAT error at the bottom. sorry, but i don't get how you do the port forward thing. i have searched around the computer but can't find a place where it tells me my max bandwidth.
  4. I just got utorrent today. previously I was using bittorrent, but it was too slow. I had about 5 kb/s. When I got utorrent, it was faster, I had 20-35 kb/s. But after reading the this site, I realize mine is really slow (compare to the speed you guys had.) I read some topics on how to speed it up. But i don't really understand. Can someone tell explain in a sort of step-by-step way? Thank you. SYS. xp firewall(i turned it off, but no effect) router DSL