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  1. Hmm, not too happy with the "update to beta". It's great and all, but not that good that it overwrite the old beta file. I now have a file named "beta1" (just as an example), that actually is "beta2". Should I need to go back to a previous and more stable beta, I have to find that file all over. So please, if possible fix it. Otherwise I turn it off and to it all manually like usual =)
  2. Got the latest, Version 1.7 (build 1703) and now WebUI doesn't work???. I'm slightly confused, anyone got an idea on how to fix it?
  3. Great, a new version at last. Works like it should, no problems only great performance. And about the whole MPAA, spy thingy. I will start accusing µtorrent the day guys in black suits and sunglasses shows up on my doorstep. Until then, keep up the good job guys!
  4. Snapphane

    WebUI v0.315

    Just to provide feedback. Tried it out at my school, the have Mac with Safari as browser. Works pretty OK, some colums where scrambled and it had a few gaps here and there. But nothing that would have stopped me from using it Biggest problem is how to right-click - but I don't blame that on you guys =D
  5. Snapphane

    WebUI v0.315

    So - got the thing to work - looks great. The problem was my patience, seems like it needed some 5 min or so to load. Left it and went away for a while and it worked when I got back. So, is there any one who has this problem. I know my computer is a bit slow, but needing several minutes to load it, seems wierd. But so far it looks great. Good work guys - lets hope for an offical release soon!
  6. Snapphane

    WebUI v0.315

    Ahh, so no IE6 - suits me fine. But still, why wont it work? Updated Opera, just in case, and manged to get a scrambled version of the graphic interface. It still says "loading" on the top of page (all that you can see) and when you scroll down there is parts of the graphic. It really makes me confused, can't find any errors =)
  7. Snapphane

    WebUI v0.315

    I have two problems. In FireFox and sometimes in Opera, I sort of get it to work. But it's not pretty, looks like this: In InternetExplorer it tires to get some graphics going, but wont go futher then: The same loading screen sometimes show up in Opera. So what am I doing wrong? Not sure. Been working with my router a bit, but that one shouldn't be blocking it, unless it runs on some other port then the specified.
  8. Snapphane

    WebUI v0.315

    Great! Been waiting for this! Time for some testing =)
  9. Well, I have a 14 MB cache, where around 3-4 MB are being used. So there no real risk with loosing data If I don't run into problem - I'm keeping these settings. Less write=less movement=less heat=happy and silent lap-top=
  10. There where some talk about cache and keeping the number of writes to the hdd down. I have noticed that by turning of, "write out pieces immidatly" you get less writes and no obvious performance loss. So, since this isn't the default, is this good or bad? Better to ask the persons that are good at this =) And an answer to the last post. You can run the BETA versions without problems. They will read the settings from the old µtorrent and you will loose nothing.
  11. Ahh, better get my hands on that one then =) I hope it's okay, not being official beta and all that...
  12. I have to ask, how do you get that graph? I would like to have a check myself, but I can't find that in settings? Thanks!
  13. I wouldn't mind giving it a try. Not exactly a skilled beta-tester, but I know my way around a computer. And if anyone will succeed in crashing the WebUI, it would probably be me I run FireFox and will also try IE and Opera, like most others. I will run both a fixed LAN and W-Lan for the connection to the internet. I will most likely test the WebUI from school. Might run it from other location as well, given the chance.
  14. So, if X is PEX, what's the flag for encryption? And now when I'm posting - great job on the new page and client, THANKS