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  1. Is there a way to turn off the data remaining for seeding torrents? It's really messed with the way that I want the torrents listed (sorted in descending order by Remaining column). EDIT: I tried to roll back to 1.8 but it still shuffled the torrents around when I started and stopped them and wouldn't return to the way they should be. I had to delete my settings.dat and reset everything for it to behave properly.
  2. Sweet, it's working now, cheers Ultima. BTW, is there any way to use the WebUI AND Proto-encryption? EDIT: NVM, It works now
  3. I have set everything up, and all I can get out of the WebUI is: û^ûו»uë¦)¨8 Îõé©:ZFµrãœùyûS¸BÔà"hyÑa¶99oR6üªŒîì„p Â1Ðec~µŠ¡IËøå/*¾‚«OßqÅŽ *J€£ñ…œEèŽwŠý=´-º5,Oq$wÓeÛR¸\Š°C…ú;'ÓJvIŸôó³µo¼+åbBúžc†‚¥½í©Èšól%…ÑUõýÚòLy¾]•öæa(Ýk¼T½1 That's going to http://USERNAME:PASSWORD@localhost:1337/gui/index.html