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  1. Ah yes, I hope so as well , I just hate it when people jump on the bandwagon just to make the (any) client look bad. Everyone has a choice whether to use it or not, it's not like they own ludde just because they use his program. Sadly most people apparently do
  2. Most people will now link µTorrent to anti-p2p, regardless of what you might say. I will keep on using the client myself, just because it's so amazing and ludde puts so much effort into it. I'm all for him making a living from his coding, just wish the choice of the company would've been a better one. Just like lokitorrent, suprnova, this is another one for paranoia freaks to put their teeth in.
  3. Love the bee icon by BSH, maybe you could make the wings transparent (the way they look in real life? ). Since now, it kinda looks like a bee with butterfly wings or something .
  4. Gooey, try this on it?
  5. Added it on the feature list Click my sig to vote for it
  6. Awesome idea . Sorry if my request got submitted 3 times, had to hit the back button so I could see if it was submitted right. Dunno if the data gets resent that way.
  7. This is an awesome idea imho. You would just have to point the torrent to the source (http,ftp link) and it starts (if that's the idea ). It would rock