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  1. I've been using 1.8.3 for years (required by a private torrent site). Love it: quick, simple, stable and familiar. But it didn't work for magnet links so I thought I'd install the latest version on another PC for magnets. >>> Its the BLOAT <<< I don't know whats going on behind the scenes - but of all the new features I can see the only one that is an improvement for me Is being able to have a torrent in multiple labels. All the rest is bloat that detracts from utorrent's original mission - to be a fast light torrent client. Streaming, uTorrent Plus, Featured Content, Featured Torrent, Apps, New Apps, Web Search, Devices, Fancy speed graph, etc all just get in the way of managing my torrents and connection And some of the new features seem to be broken. I can't move torrents to folders based on label, which has screwed up my filing system. The devices node thinks I have 3 Galaxy Tabs when I have only one Galaxy Ace... etc. I echo other commenters - a Lite version, or easy option to disable all the extras would be much appreciated!