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    µTorrent WebUI

    For quick solving hit „F4“ „F6“ and „F7“!Tomorrow i re-upload an image.
  2. mit

    µTorrent WebUI

    Here See also: This and Here!
  3. mit

    µTorrent WebUI

    See red area on the screenshot!:
  4. mit

    µTorrent WebUI

    Rename it to „“ and place it in the „%appdata%\uTorrent“
  5. Accidentally I entered this topic, but since I'm here, let's help you: uTorrent-Mac-25424
  6. When hitting "F2",you can see the version too.(If not using Ultima's WebUI)
  7. This is not true! Probably you have written something incorrect.
  8. Strange behavior in last release: 2010-12-24 In add torrent dialog box,when sub-path field is active (blue frame) "OK" and "Cancel" buttons does not work.(in "Firefox")
  9. Actually i using this WebUI with "Firefox" (now even 4 beta) and dont find a bug to this moment.But i remember before going out this version that was accidentally find double-click option until I tried how it works in "Chrome".Now i tryed again in "Chrome" and context menu also works.In general this WebUI it's a perfectly to me.I recommend everyone to download it: WebUI v0.380 WIP
  10. Try to use this for starting & stopping utserver! For more info read here.
  11. When i trying to download torrent from magnet url download started,but few seconds later gives an error.Does anyone else have this problem?(call: - Error opening) Edit: So i tryed and this happens only with Ultima WebUI.By integrated in download package WebUI don't have this problem.
  12. That's right.Works without any problems with localization and Cyrillic characters to me. Once again: - Thank you for the great job!
  13. Thank you for the unicode support! I don't have this problem.You may be have a problem with fonts! ru: У меня нет такие проблемы. Возможно, у тебя есть проблемы со шрифтами!