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  1. I can't find the RSS stuff in it :-/ I've cleared my cache and tried both firefox and ie8... am I blind or something? lol
  2. Again today after adding torrents to utorrent 2.1, nothing really happens. Trackers are working ok, but I noticed that in Help > show statistics it says I have 301 connections when there are none (max connections is set to 120 anyway). I raised the max number of connection limit to 600, started the torrents and it worked, went upto 456 connections. I then stopped the torrents and it has gone back down to around 301 connections. DHT is not running, only connections that should be there is the one to falcon and any incoming which would be disconnected right off the bat since there are no torrents running. I can only guess that with certain connections when they are dropped, the counter isn't taking them away or something, like connections to the falcon service? (maybe when it was trying to reconnect to falcon when it was down earlier or something )
  3. The get file(s) doesn't seem to do anything in both firefox 3.5.3 and IE8. I can see that it tries to do something though as the progress bar at the bottom shows breifly, just doesn't start a download of any sort. The scheduler seems to be working ok for me though. EDIT: After a while this build of utorrent will stop trying to connect to any peers, and will recieve none (might be an issue with tracker stuff, but has happened the other day with 3 different trackers at once). Don't have time to look into it myself more, got work.
  4. May I test the webui? I currently use µtorrent on my PC-box thingie on my home network (as well as a web server, ftp server and media-playing-to-my-tv server). Though I currently VNC to that machine from various other PCs at my house, it often effects the tv output :-/ . All my machines are Windows XP SP2, using IE6, firefox 1.5 and/or opera 8.5. My network is 54Mbit wireless, with a D-link DI-624 revC router and DWL-2000AP access point. And occaisionally I access my network from an outside connection (usually a uni one which uses traffic shaping on uncommon ports). I don't think i missed anything out there :-/ meh, need another beer, doubt I get to beta test the webui anyway lol.
  5. Nefarious: Build 429 is 149KB, which is less than 150KB so they don't got to change that text yet (and it's not public either, lol). Though it will probly need to be changed pretty soon I reckon
  6. Nefarious: If your ISP throttles bittorrent connections, set it to "enabled, always" and uncheck the "allow legacy incoming connections". If your ISP doesn't throttle bittorrent connections, then just have it as "disabled" (for outgoing, still allows incoming encrypted connections, could choose enabled as µtorrent should try to reconnect if peer doesn't have encryption I think) and leave "allow legacy incoming connections" checked.
  7. Siteck: If a connection to a peer is an encrypted one, it will send only encrypted data both ways on that connection. The encryption set to default only makes it so your client doesn't make any outgoing encrypted connections, but accepts them incoming. (unless you uncheck the accept legacy mode checkbox, then only connections you can get are encrypted ones)
  8. well that's good, because disabling incoming encrypted connections would litterally screw the people who have an ISP which throttles BT traffic to a standstill and what not People who get throttled totally should uncheck the legacy connection checkbox and have Encryption always on. People who aren't throttled should just leave the settings alone (disabled for outgoing) and make sure they can accept incoming connections. That way people it will be as normal for the exception that throttled users should be able to download better. now enough of my drunken ramblings lol
  9. Nefarious: Were them peers Incoming too? maybe they connected to you via PEX?
  10. The darker the blue, the higher the availability of them pieces I think
  11. ICleolion: Clicking on the 'debug info' will paste a bunch of stuff in the logger And I think the availability graph makes it easier to see which parts of the torrent the swarm has (though that could just be me )