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  1. Hmm... I have 20GB of downloading torrents open (4 really freakin' big torrents, not billions) Also 7 small torrents stopped at 0% and seeding 10 other small torrents. utorrent says it's only using 9MB of system memory, but it's pretty much crucifying my system. Not really proud of my current situation, but rest assured I'm seeding everything properly. Just thought I should mention how bad my system's performing with utorrent running. Don't know anything more than that really, not massively teched-up on how all this stuff works within the system, sort of thing.
  2. Any chance of getting the old availability graph back as an option? I mean, I can sort of see what you're going for with this one; If I'm looking at it right, the dark blues tell me what *most* people have, the light blues tell me what *some* people have and the red bits tell me what *nobody* has. I can see how that could be useful, but I'm behind an ass of a university firewall (which utorrent gets round really well, I might add) and for me it was sort of more useful just to know that there was stuff out there at all, because with this firewall, even though I can see people, I usually don't get anything from them. I dunno, maybe it's just me and this crappy system.