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  1. ok maybe this was said but .... do not want to go through 29 pages.... it has been RC for a VERY long time so I do not suppose it is ever going to be released? Or the action is now moved to 3.3.2? or even 3.4?
  2. ok 3.3.1 has the same problem as 3.3 it chokes when you go over say 250 torrents. So I reverted back to 3.2.3 and will stay there until this problem is fixed.
  3. oh deus gratia! OK that was all I wanted to know.... will try it out and see how it fares. Thanks!
  4. somewhere.... over the rainbow.... OK well eventually....
  5. ok as a final effort I tried it on two other PCs so a total of 2 Desktops and one Laptop and again it crashes so..... I tend to think there is something wrong with your .dat file. And it would have been quicker if you posted a screen....
  6. it only crashes when I use your .dat file. And trouble is I do not have an older built of 3.3.1 and I do not think they have a repository for the betas only the last build or ? Thanks. OK found one but still crashes.... so I officially give up.
  7. tried but uT keeps crashing... so cannot do anything with it...
  8. Rafi I looked but.... could you post a screen cap of your cache settings for 3.3.1b? Thanks.