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  1. Dang kind of sucks that this new build brought about more issues that weren't there before >< But hey I guess it's still good that other things are being fixed in the meantime.
  2. I have both that and the uTP limits applied as I followed your guide ^^
  3. Okay I thought I was tripping. But agreed, baby steps, as long as there's fixes/improvements, it's all good.
  4. Not too sure if it's just me but is the Upload Limiter not properly working again? As sometimes I'll limit it to 100kB/p but it'll still be hitting 110 which really destroys my ping in game.
  5. Mentioned this before but is there a way to change the default setting of creating a torrent? Meaning, a way to uncheck "Start Seeding" by default? As 99% of the time I create a torrent I don't use/seed it till a later date {And the tracker I use changes the Torrent upon uploading, so "Start Seeding" wouldn't work in this care. And I use this tracker 99% of the time}
  6. Hmm it doesn't look as appealing if so.
  7. Just curious is there a way to default the "Start Seeding" to No? Since most of the time I create torrents I don't seed them till a while / weeks later.
  8. Thanks for the fixes, and the installation process/workaround works just fine
  9. Hmm it deletes the Torrent file though, it's not deleting the Data along with it. Do I need to change teh default delete action from 0 to 3?
  10. Can someone else test this. If you right click and delete torrent + date, only the torrent is deleted and not the data. NOt sure if this occurred in 3.4
  11. Hmm I had 3.3 installed... but will try again. Interesting after uninstalling 3.3, and I launch the installer it instantly pulls up 3.4 {As if using a Portable version.} --- EdIT: Guess I'll stick to STable for now at least.
  12. DL leads to. . . 3.4(B28762) Alpha version not 3.3.1 {Well the Installer is labeled as 3.3, but after installing you get 3.4}
  13. Just waiting on this major bug to be fixed to move over to using 3.4.
  14. @ciaobaby: Thanks didn't actually read through the thread ><
  15. With the latest update I've noticed that when Seeding files. Under the 'Active' tab I noticed that the files being seeded there's multiple entries of them. Example: Active (5) But I see like 8 entries. When I click on one of them, it auto-selects a different entry of the same name. - - - EDIT: Screenshot 2nd EDIT: Even worse: