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  1. Mentioned this before but is there a way to change the default setting of creating a torrent?

    Meaning, a way to uncheck "Start Seeding" by default? As 99% of the time I create a torrent I don't use/seed it till a later date {And the tracker I use changes the Torrent upon uploading, so "Start Seeding" wouldn't work in this care. And I use this tracker 99% of the time}

  2. Hmm I had 3.3 installed... but will try again.

    Interesting after uninstalling 3.3, and I launch the installer it instantly pulls up 3.4 {As if using a Portable version.}



    Guess I'll stick to STable for now at least.

  3. With the latest update I've noticed that when Seeding files. Under the 'Active' tab I noticed that the files being seeded there's multiple entries of them.


    Active (5)

    But I see like 8 entries.

    When I click on one of them, it auto-selects a different entry of the same name.

    - - -




    2nd EDIT:

    Even worse:


  4. hmm ... I am a bit curious here -

    How many of the people here stopped using Google (website|search) since they've started showing sponsored ads/links on top (plus clicked your IP away on *every* link you've found)?

    Have any of you stopped using youtube since they are showing a sponsored clip on top when you search ?

    And there are 1000s more examples of ad-ware the we all use.

    ^ I have not. The reason is - those tools/apps/sites give you something useful, and maybe a bit better than others do!

    Simple answer: AdBlockPlus

    I'm able to do something to rid of it so I'm fine with using said product.

    With uTorrent though I don't think that'll be possible (Unless they allow so, of course)

    POint being, if you can have an option to NOT see it, then I'm sticking with uTorrent, but if not, I can easily disregard it and use qBittorrent/Tixati.

  5. I fail to see how one ad could mutilate a bittorrent client. µTorrent is an excellent application which comes for free, but you must understand that its development doesn't. You just have no authority to sit in judgment over that.

    Hmm the users actually do have some say in what gets put into a program.

    Guess you've completely missed out on all the users that provided feedback for things in the program to improve it.

    And since the devs have said what they plan to do, the users can voice out their opinions and of course they can find alternatives if they don't like it, but of course the devs don't want to lose their userbase so they best listen and not continue with their plans for the ads within the program.

    Just saying.

    I mean obviously if a free program becomes the "best" and then they now know that, they would definitely want to capitalize on that in anyway. It's smart but at the same time, it's what's going to destroy them as numerous users have mentioned.

    I know for me I don't use uTorrent primarily anymore. It's actually my 2nd, first being qbittorrent at the moment.

    - - -


    Of course users can just NOT upgrade to the version that will support their plans and just stick to current/future versions that don't have it. {UNless it becomes a forced install/upgrade}

  6. I guess that's how things have to be, when something becomes popular and is free, eventually they have to sell out (Digsby is an example, although they say they are "back" but now open-source so it's as good as abandoned)

    Well best alternative that I'd recommend would be either qBittorrent or Tixati for those that are ditching uTorrent once this goes live.

    I havent' had much experience with Vuze but with how complicated the settings can get, I don't want to bother.

    And definitely with this new Ad-ware to be included that can't be turned off, bad move. I mean just having various software offers in the installer is enough. But to have something youc an't even configure, gg.

  7. ^Oops my mistake, I misquoted myself. I meant in reference to:

    @rafi/Firon: Well for 3.1, when you download the Download Dialog that pops up asks you specifically where you want to save said file. So when it comes to reseeding, you can just direct the download to wherever the file is.

    As for 3.2/3.3, the Download Dialog changes to where you not only pick which Folder to download the file, but you also have a different spot to Rename the file. With this method, at times when you're re-seeding, you can't just Force Recheck on the spot like in 3.1, but now you have to manually "Relocate" where the file is. This made it to where it takes a few more extra steps to re-seed, and I'm not 100% sure if that issue of the "Error : the handle is invalid" has been fixed, as that was another issue I had.

    Since I tend to do more Re-seeding than downloading, and the tracker I use requires you to download the .torrent after you uploaded it so then 3.2/3.3 changed that way of the Download Dialog.

  8. And I'm actually using the Stable build as 3.2's method of downloading/seeding is a bit different, and 3.3 is a bit better but still has issues.

    So it isn't like i'm using 3.3. primarily, I check in between updates to see if things have been fixed/ working the way I'm used to before making it primary use like I've done in the past (Use Alpha builds as primary, but I think from 3.2 onward things started changing a lot in regard to downloading/re-seeding)

    @Firon: Just thought to poke at this feature to see if there was much mof a change since after I made that reply, nothing was replied for it.