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  1. @rafi/Firon: Well for 3.1, when you download the Download Dialog that pops up asks you specifically where you want to save said file. So when it comes to reseeding, you can just direct the download to wherever the file is. As for 3.2/3.3, the Download Dialog changes to where you not only pick which Folder to download the file, but you also have a different spot to Rename the file. With this method, at times when you're re-seeding, you can't just Force Recheck on the spot like in 3.1, but now you have to manually "Relocate" where the file is. This made it to where it takes a few more extra steps to re-seed, and I'm not 100% sure if that issue of the "Error : the handle is invalid" has been fixed, as that was another issue I had. Since I tend to do more Re-seeding than downloading, and the tracker I use requires you to download the .torrent after you uploaded it so then 3.2/3.3 changed that way of the Download Dialog.
  2. @Firon: I'm only saying so incase it was missed. And I'm actually using the Stable build as 3.2's method of downloading/seeding is a bit different, and 3.3 is a bit better but still has issues. So it isn't like i'm using 3.3. primarily, I check in between updates to see if things have been fixed/ working the way I'm used to before making it primary use like I've done in the past (Use Alpha builds as primary, but I think from 3.2 onward things started changing a lot in regard to downloading/re-seeding)
  3. Despite these updates, still no fix on "Forced Downloading/Seeding" issue? WHere if any torrents are set to "Forced" upon restart, they are set to "Finished".
  4. Hmm even with latest still no fix on the "Force Seed" torrents where upon restart they are reset to "Finished"?
  5. ^The Handle is invalid applies to regular torrent links, not just magnet ones. Tested via when you delete the torrent and then re-add it in to recheck the file, then that error shows up as well.
  6. Yups had to start fresh sadly I ended up formatting too >< Ah well, glad it's fixed now.
  7. @ex58: As far as things are I think it's still Alpha.
  8. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but when the left panel reads "Active (1)", I have 11 Torrents displayed although only 1 is active, but there are 10 others that are present with no activity.
  9. Can I safely assume that this is 32-bit only thus far?
  10. Thanks for that, though curious what was changed as I hope it wasn't just the toolbar stuff.
  11. Weird. Starting from build 25305 (Currently using latest, 25329), whenever I try to create a torrent for Xvid/.avi files, i can't upload them as I get some sort of BBEditor error on the Trackers end. But for H264/.mp4 files it works just fine. NOt too sure what other details to provide. Currently having to use Make Torrent II to create torrents for my Xvid encodes.
  12. Another bug is: If you have for example "Active" selected. But you want to Start torrents in another label. If you right click on that label to "Start" them, it applies it to "Active" instead of the Label you want. Applies to basically any label, just using an example.
  13. ^Thanks. Looking forward to the fix.
  14. I'm sure this has been mentioned before but the 64-bit, when checking for updates, leads to the 32-bit update when there aren't any for 64-bit.
  15. Despite title reading "25233", the installer is still at "25230"
  16. -- 2011-04-13: Version 3.0 (build 25199) - Fix: Allow user to chow/hide "Has Header" column in files tab. - Fix: bugs in web remote cache and pairing apps - Change: Refactor visibility code. Make utorrent and bittorrent visible when launched, but mirror last state at startup. For: "- Fix: Allow user to chow/hide "Has Header" column in files tab." Change "chow" to "show", and I was wondering what is that Column anyway? Since I dont' see a difference when I have it enabled/disabled.
  17. Any way to get rid of the "Drop here to publish" thing?
  18. Hyosung

    µTorrent WebUI

    Thank you =), that's why I questioned it as that's the first place i look too.
  19. Hyosung

    µTorrent WebUI

    ^Thanks but have a download link for it?
  20. Updated to latest version and the Torrent Count on the left panel still doesn't display the correct amount of Torrents being "Active"
  21. Apart fromt he disk cache that DreadWingKnight mentioned, there probably isn't much else no? Not too sure about what that "SSEx" stuff is...
  22. ^That did the trick, thanks =P, didn't bother to think of restarting. ^^
  23. ^Using v24369, when you enable status icons in dl list.. They come out as slightly cropped off.
  24. Not sure if you forgot, but this needs to be stickied.