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  1. Thanks for the update, quite a big change log there. Keep it up.
  2. ^Uhh... 2.2 only JUST became the new Stable build. 3.0 Hasn't even come out of Alpha stage and you're asking for a Stable ETA? Dude... wrong post... "It'll be out when it's out" No need to ask about an ETA on releases.
  3. ^Oh, I just posted here, but using the 3.0 Branch, so maybe it hasn't been fixed there. My mistake.
  4. @Jeroenz0r: Hehe, what hidden text? Even if you expand it to the Right-est it can go, it is still there =X
  5. @Firon: Tested, for 2.2 RC2, it creates it without problem and comes out 7.35GB's opposed to the 3.45GB that this Alpha produces. Apart from that... For the updates... as I mentioned a few posts up.. Is there a reason the UI / Tab settings get reset on some builds and not others? Since sorta annoyed to have to re-edit them all whenever it happens. Thanks.
  6. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but, when I try to create a torrent from a file that's over 4GB's, 8GB's in this case... The final outcoem cuts the size down to under 4GB's. Weird because testing this with BitComet gives me the same results.... I ended up having to use MakeTorrent II to get the filesize to turn out correctly. So not too sure what the problem is.
  7. Seems that the upgrade causes previous settings to be reset. Meaning, all the labels and stuff are reset to default and have to be manually edited again. --- What causes this anyway? As I know most of the time, the layout is retained upon upgrades, but this happened a few times in the past as well. Thanks.
  8. ^Thanks =P Can't blame ya, things like this happens.
  9. Just wondering for this feature: "- Feature: make more colors skinnable" What colors is being referred to?
  10. Hyosung

    µTorrent WebUI

    Hmm, not sure if this was mentioned but for the Peers, when you enable "Web Access" to view the Peers, since having it disabled results in it "loading..." Is it a bug that if you click on the "Peers" tab the peers get duplicated? Like if ther eis one Peer connected and you click on the "Peer" tab, that peer is shown again.
  11. Just wondering... For the issue that was brought up previously, will there eventually be a fix for Remembering Last Window size? So that whenever we start up uTorrent, it starts in the last window size as previously. Example: Full screen After exit / restart It begins in fullscreen Thanks.
  12. @Firon: I think acmodeu is referring to the bug where uTorrent doesn't remember the Window Size upon start-up. Like if you have it full-screen, and exit. When you start it up again, it is resized to a smaller window size. Been this way for the past not too sure how many Alpha Releases already, and another user continues to bring it up upon each release.
  13. About my post I made at #744, for the "No Label" it just stays at (0) when there are torrents without labels.
  14. Just thought to note, for Labels, when shown on the Category List, it doesn't show how many torrents are there per label. The only label that displays a "(#)" is "No Label".
  15. Not sure if it's just me.. But if I try to create a Torrent, it just crashes.
  16. WRong place to ask that as this is version 2.0.1 and not 2.0 =P
  17. Thanks for the new build, awaits to see the changelog for it.
  18. ^Confirmed, didn't notice it in previous build, but this one shows them again.
  19. ^Lies! haha, 404 error --- EDIT: Nvm, just fixed. Also noticed, the installation file states version 18833 instead of 18834 =P, no biggy, just pointing it out.
  20. Minor, but any plans on fixing the issue brought up by post #379 "Last version doesn't remember its windows size after restart. It also ignores existing custom Main.ico." Thanks.
  21. I just wanted to add, in regard to post #379, the latest build hasn't addressed it, so hoping that it does get fixed soon. Thanks.
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