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  1. This new build doesn't address the creating torrents for Vista/7 users correct?
  2. I guess I got lucky for just that one torrent, other than that. Reporting same issue as others on creating torrents and progress bar freezing at the end. Windows 7 64-bit
  3. Thanks Firon for the update as that definitely fixed the Torrent Creation for me.
  4. Haven't tried it but does this one fix the Torrent Making crash for Vista/Win7 users?
  5. About the Crashing on making torrents... I tried it on my sisters computer, running XP SP3, np's... So maybe it is a Win7 bug, any Vista users having this problem too?
  6. ^Hmm Seemed to be 100% for me and I tried a good 30ish times
  7. Jsut me or with latest beta, when I try to create a torrent, it crashes, I submitted a bug when it crashed. Running Win7 64-bit
  8. Yeah that was the first thing I noticed, was the HTTP error 404... Only for downloading, but once it finishes, it seeds just fine.
  9. @Levonok: Hmm using XP SP3 as well, but the Limiting doesn't work for me either. So unno, b ut hopefully in the next version it'll be fixed.
  10. In regards to my past post, seems the "tab Icons" and "Program Icons" have their URL's switched.
  11. For the skins, the "Program Icon" leads to the "Tab Icons" Overall looks excellent.
  12. Even if for 1.9, shouldn't it be 15 default, and not 13?
  13. I'm a bit curious as to why the default bt.transp_disposition is at 13 which isn't of the mentioned values for 1.8.x (0-1-2-3).
  14. Strange.. WIth this new beta, the skin I used for 1.8.2 now doesn't work, as I get the error, "[22:33:38] Cannot load skin file: "tstatus.bmp" incorrect number of images, 16 instead of 19 (or 38)"
  15. Okays shall just use the Speed Guide within uTorrent and leave the limit on, thanks for the tips.
  16. All rights, thanks for the tip, so it is never wise to NOT limit the Upload Limit? As I generally have it at 'Unlimited', unless I want to play games then I limit it down to 60kBps
  17. @jewelisheaven: So basically use the Speed Guide's recommendation for 1Mbit upload? Or the one that is listed on the first post?
  18. Just curious as I was just browsing the forums... For my Connection, I have a 4MB/1MB(Supposedly) Connection. So according to THIS (Threads) settings: 700 kilobits/second | 65 | 5 | 45 | 140 | 5 | 3 | Should I use these or the ones that are given in the Speed Guide in uTorrent? 1 megabit /second | 0(I didn't limit it) | 5 | 100 | 450 | 5 | 4 | Thanks. --- EDIT: Actually when Ia m Uploading.. I do hit about 90kB/s, so dunno if that makes a difference...
  19. @Dutchman: "New story now is that Utorrent has been solled to Bram Cohen (ex p2p guy) who is now working for MPAA. MPAA is working together with Dutch 'Brein'. There are also rootkits and spyware etc included in the new version". Anyone else not bringing up that 'solled' is incorrectly spelled? 'Sold' so if it is 'real' don't you think it would at least be spellchecked? Anyway... On my 3 private trackers uTorrent hasn't been banned...
  20. @Ultima: Well never really limited my Upload Speed that much so didn't really know if I should have it True/False, but thanks for answering.
  21. For the Limit Local Peers when it is under th Preference -> Connection section would it be better to have it 'Checked' or no? (I assume yes from the previous comments, but thought I'd make sure.
  22. @Firon: Oh alright thanks, I guess I'll just disable NAT-PMP then.
  23. Hmm for me.. the UPnP is mapped but the NAT-PMP is unable to get mapped.. Dunno if this really affects much though.. [21:37:45] UPnP: Mapped port 35434 -> [21:37:50] Unable to map NAT-PMP Port. And for me I always used Random Port, and usually did this by actually hitting 'Random Port' and never had any problems with it until I tried out 1.7. So not too sure what is going on.. and yes I have done more auto/manual forwarding of ports to my router and never had any problems with 1.6.1, most came from the beta, and even when I revert back to 1.6.1 I get problems, so I sticking with the latest beta.