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  1. ah, so i see. yes, what you guys have described is the same as my problem, i just couldn't find it in the thread search before.
  2. i've noticed all my single-file torrents will error when complete with the message "invalid download state, try resuming". when i try to resume, it cannot find the file, and when i try to locate the file through advanced -> set download location, it doesn't allow me to select the file itself - only the folder. however, it seems to be searching for the file with the same name as the root download folder. the client also displays the folder path under the file name in the torrent info. this problem seems to be unique to single-file torrents - any torrent that downloads into it's own folder works and seeds fine. the files themselves are properly downloaded but have not moved to my completed downloads folder. they can be watched/played - just not seeded. anyone else having this problem?