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  1. 4 reports generated in 48hours when i was out of town so have a look and i hope we debug this errors
  2. i m using uncompressed build but dint dint get any error log its just stuck and gave me error windows ran out of memory unable to allocate 16900 bytes. and on beta builds it stucks when speed goes around 10MBps server is fine it dont crashs or anything just utorrent is stuck and i have to use task manager to end the process and start it again but after starting again it will stuck again when speed goes high so any solution for me ? most of releases i tried r having same problem the above i mentioned and when i start it after quiting it from task manager i rechecks the data and if i downloaded 1.5gb i shows only some 200-300mbs and starts downloading again so please look out or tell me how to get dump report i will upload it
  3. but i have already have unticked enable local peer discovery and unticked limit local peer bandwitdth then also y m i getting that ? and what does that 2.8KBps and all ???
  4. can i know y that L: comes for ? whenever it comes my speed drops i guess its some kind of limit dont know exactly what it is but that drops my speed and whenever its not there i can go till regularly 4-5MBps and 8MBps when good leechers are there so help me out
  5. ^^^ i again installed 1.8 and got the new 0.361 webui and renamed it to and it works thanks for ur help
  6. i reverted back to utorrent 1.7.7 and downloaded the so do i have to delete which i was using for utorrent 1.8 ??
  7. ^^^^^ read post #16 by Ultima maybe that can help u
  8. thx Ultima that worked and new gui is awesome
  9. in FF3 and IE7 i tried both browser but both are stuck on loading so any can i know whats wrong ?