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  1. Hello, I 'd like to test the WebUI too. I can test it from Windows, Linux, with various browsers. I also want to see how easy is, to be translated to another language. I can enter IRC and report bugs and suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  2. easyx

    Great programs you use

    Try to connect some more times, if nothing happens and you gae again the error message, recheck your pass/nick. Also check the use HTTP method in the advanced settings of MSN Account setup. Sometimes I also can't connect but I finally connect after some tries. Trillian Pro supports Google Talg but it's not freeware.
  3. easyx

    Great programs you use

    I think this is off-topic. For cFosSpeed are available other posts which answer the most questions, just search. Simple create an msn account in Gaim and then login. What exactly is the problem with Gaim, so I may help you more if I can.
  4. A big THANKS from me also for µTorrent.