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  1. Hazar

    Great programs you use

    lots of great prog's in here, there's a ton of different combinations with programs that you can use
  2. Hazar

    Great programs you use

    ah yes, I leechget as well :E
  3. Hazar

    Great programs you use

    ah yes, I forgot ftp. When I actually have to use ftp, I use fireftp which is integrated into firefox. I just use notepad for basic text stuff, office xp for reports and such.
  4. Ok, since everyone here loves µtorrent because of it's greatness (for lack of a better term), what are some other programs you use for doing different things? I'll gives some general catagories that most people use: Webbrowsing: Firefox (duh) Movie player: BS Player IM: Trillian (Xfire for gaming) IRC: HydraIRC voip in general: mostly google talk, but ventrilo from time to time Music Player: quintessential Audio Editing: Audacity Unzipping: WinRAR Picture browsing: Irfanview Picture editing: Photoshop (haven't got around to switching to gimp yet) CD burning: nero 7 image mounting: Daemon tools Antivirus: AVG Firewall: zonealarms Bandwidth Monitor: tautology bandwidth monitor Temp monitor: MBM 5 And that's about all of course, I don't use them all at the same time