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  1. Is a different toolbar going to be used now? And what about something for .torrent files? Windows would just paste the wasp icon onto a pixelated white document picture and that would look ugly. I know users could change the icon through Folder Options, but I think an icon should be included in the executable.
  2. In my opinion, that would make the logo's theme too obtrusive. (I hope I worded that right.) You don't see Firefox's toolbar filled with fox-like things or Azureus's toolbar centered around frogs do you?
  3. I definately like the wasp the most so far. It's cool and professional. Hopefully a more three-dimensional variation could also be produced.
  4. I think a hermit crab or other small crustacean would be a good mascot, their claws could represent power and their hard shell could represent stability and strength.
  5. This is getting pretty off-topic, but in my experience NOD32 and Kaspersky are the best anti-virus software availible, they both use very little resources and are proven to have the highest detection rates.
  6. For Shrill's, it would be great with wings and antennae. I think that it would be excellent as a mascot, but a less cartoonish version should be made as an alternate, perhaps for the actual program's icon.
  7. I like the top one, but maybe the smile/eyes could be changed a little, because the facial expression is just a little too blank for my tastes. The bottom one is nice as well, maybe making the eyes less pointed upwards and the shading a little lightened. I like both designs much better than the original green guy.
  8. I would like it if the viking showed a tad bit more of the face and his eyebrows were less over the helmet.
  9. Make the bird more cartoony (is that a word?) Also, is the original picture copyrighted? We need to find some good stock photos of hummingbirds.
  10. A feather or some sort of bird makes sense.
  11. I think Shrill's original colors for the man remain unchanged, except giving a dark reddish-brown color for the spear. That way, IMO, there will be more color, but it will be nice and subtle.
  12. I like Shrill's design. It has a lot of character.
  13. What's your problem? Stop trolling.
  14. It's supposed to be amoeba-like creature. I thought it could represent µTorrent because both are small.
  15. Anyone like this one? It resizes good, if you remove the arrows.
  16. I think the logo could be a cell or something, because one usually associates cells with small things. That's just an idea for one of you artists to work with, maybe I'll come out with something later.