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  1. as an administrator in a tracker serving only the purposes of my ISP and visible from its users only, i'd want peers to be able to obtain new local peers, but not any external.. anyways, i've never seen LPD to be that effective to influence the situation..

    on a larger scale, LPD not working if there's a private flag seems good..

  2. i mean, it's ignoring the limit (no matter which one..)

    it's ignoring the individual limit for the torrent and the global too..

    i guess it doesnt count them as local.. that's bad..

    even if it does, it still wont work correctly for me since my ISP has several subnets (around 10..), peers of which could give me 100Mbit/s and there's no way for uT to know that.. a list somewhere where we could specify IP ranges (or subnets) would be cool

    EDIT: aaahh

    --- 2007-05-31: Version 1.7 (build 2248)

    - Change: uTorrent now no longer forks on uninstallation so it should correctly be removed from add/remove programs on windows 95 varieties

    - Change: include all adapters in subnet search for local peers

    - Change: consider peers in reserved local ranges as local peers

    - Change: don't limit local peers by default

    - Change: sort RSS release qualities

    - Fix: download rate limiting bug

    - Fix: fix a bug with force recheck from 2224

    if that's true, than it's some sort of bug

  3. nothing new :P

    utorrent registers it in the uploaded column too.. it even reports it to the tracker :)

    u just cant tell if it's uploading or not only by monitoring the speeds from utorrent :)

    u either need an external program or a sensitive ear to monitor the slightest changes in HDD activity :P