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  1. invididual dl limit is broken.. it works if it's set globally
  2. B!LL, sometimes it is, sometimes it's not.. dunno what happens.. it has always been like that.. yeah, i know it only adds the peer to the peer list with the rest of the other peers and would only be connected to if it's necessary, but still ..
  3. old betas are not supported.. try build 1355..
  4. GarryTom, the speed is not shown for peers on the same subnet, but not on the local IPs (192.168.77.x), but on the external - 172.* in your case.. at least, it does that here.. (bt.limit_local_peers = false)
  5. dunno if it works, but it causes a strange bug ( http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=22230 ) if it's set to false.. i'd be glad if u can confirm it.. yeah, local peer discovery has never ever discovered any local peers here too..
  6. i can confirm that one.. windows xp sp2
  7. "Add to startup" is also an option why doesnt it add the /MINIMIZED switch when adding itself to startup anyways?
  8. why should it connect to all the seeders? it gets the peer list and connects to the specified number of peers.. it doesnt know if there's a seeder or a leecher behind a certain IP until it connects to it..
  9. 1.6 beta used to freeze for several seconds when an invalid location was provided in the field.. not that it's that relevant.. just trying to prevent it when re-implemented
  10. oh noo.. where's the adware? where are the other tracking systems? i guess this proved all of them haters wrong.. again, no bloat, good performance.. µstyle..
  11. Ar3s, seems like u know nothing about that.. just go read your wiki-theory..
  12. ffs, why do people refer to BETAs as crappy buggy software? so u prefer to get something released as final after lots of development and not tested at all (except by the dev team)? i know there'd be a pre-final release to irc users.. i was just asking for lots of betas as before (1.1.2, 1.1.3, .. there was a new release almost on a daily-basis)
  13. i hope we'll see lots of betas before 1.7 gets finally released..
  14. it already does.. try searching..
  15. u could set the speeds for each torrent individually by rightclick -> properties since ..(forever?)
  16. Firon, 483 never crashed like 488 did.. sometimes it just disappeared, but that happened very rarely.. once a month or so..
  17. it can be disabled.. 1.5+gigs of ram and u're okay to do so..
  18. going around windows's cache is a good idea too.. now it downloads stuff and caches, then tells windows to write to the disk and it starts using its own cache and decides when to write - double caching.. windows's cache management sucks, it sometimes grows too much than it's supposed to and decreases performance..
  19. if they provide it with a settings.file it may appear as it's the second run.. so that wont work too.. that's how it works now.. uT checks whether it's the first time or not and displays a message if it is the first time..
  20. users may not notice that it's freeware if they provide it with an installer (with settings.dat).. it will not display the message then.. and the users may never open the about window..
  21. NOP, it's UTF-8 by default.. i dont have windows support for chinese characters.. (nlited)
  22. Tarkus, almost.. i see a bunch of question marks
  23. all i see is "这个软件真的不错,不过怎么没有中文主页啊?"