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    lol the bulgarian flag is much cooler
  2. Mugros, what do u mean saying Devs? there is only on dev and that's ludde
  3. dAbReAkA


    Mycroft u probably mean m-real.net|BG eng could expect around 20-30 more BG ISPS from squid soon
  4. Nairium u make an interesting point.. also it makes no sense to have a Label column when looking at the Unlabeled category u dont need the completed percentage column in the completed category
  5. mleko that doesn't work. there'll be an option to disable the icons in the next beta
  6. it happened to be a Az problem (the hashfails thing).. nothing to do with utorrent although there was a bug related to hashfails in 426
  7. i don't think that's true.. i checked all my recent torrents (the one i added the last week) and they all passed the hashcheck
  8. i saw 6 hashfails today.. the piece size is 128 kb.. my best peer is banned.. (the Az 2.4 one).. all the others don't seed.. they're snubbing me and ignore me (bitcomet..)
  9. the data could be corrupted in its way to your PC.. probably the ISP might be the problem
  10. why would anyone want to get rid of it
  11. you don't need to restart uTorrent.. i'm not sure if u have to restart the torrent though.. probably not
  12. yeah Fake Bitspirit and [FAKE] µTorrent/xxx is commonly a seen thing
  13. i don't like the title changing.. but i agreew with the main idea to show the category somewhere
  14. why? i think it shouldn't.. u just hide the panel so it doesn't take space
  15. the Active category just pwnz.. it's nice to see what are the users leeching easily instead of going through the whole list gj ludde
  16. Ultima same thing here using the same icons
  17. the user could choose.. there is another solution too - if it looks like the Bookmarks toolbar (e.g. Firefox, IE..) .. there is an arrow if there are a lot of labels and a drop down list appears if pressed
  18. http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/6705/screen3tx.jpg i think it's clear now.. the options button is useless though ().. and there is a Close button as well instead of pressing F7 not so professionaly made - sorry for that..
  19. i mean the list of categories to look like a notification bar with the categories on it.. the same things displayed but ordered differently thus it takes less space.. i hope u get it now.. if someone could explain it better he'd better try or i'll be forced to "make" a screenshot
  20. how about an option in the Interface section of the preferences dialog to make it appear like a a notification bar (something similar to Notificationbar-like category list).. takes less space.. i mean like the one in IE and Firefox that says "Popup blocked. blah blah"..
  21. why 1GB+.. i use it with 512 mb and it still takes not more than 15 (far away from any other client) it increses as much as the value inserted
  22. enabled seems not to fall back to normal if it can't connect here..