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  1. They do work for me! Thought I'd give 3.3.1 a shot. 1 of my 3 RSS feeds failed to refresh at all. Went back to 2.2.1 and it updated right away.
  2. By how much? With over a thousand total torrents and roughly 8 active at any one time the 3.x builds had my CPU over 15%. 2.2.1 less then 5%. PS DeathStalker, love your Wizardry 8 mod.
  3. All this talk about version 2.2.1, got me to go back and give it try. I have been using the 3.* alphas/betas. Holy Fuck! So much lighter then version 3. CPU's around 5%, was 15%. RAMs under 100MB, was up above 300. What the fuck have you clowns done to uTorrent?! Get back to making it work well and fuck off with your bloat (and ads).