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  1. Hi The reason I posted originally was because the difference was so dramatic. I do know azureus inside out and did play with all the settings, many eons ago and have in fact over 2-3 years tried probably 15 different BT clients. My only gripe against azureus is it's resource hunger. Otherwise it is the easily the best BT client due to the interface IMAO. I dunno why the gimp was referring to azureus as a noob app, it's more complex than ANY other client I have ever tried and I tried them all. That said I haven't checked any new clients out for at least a year as once I settled with Azureus I had no need. The reason I originally posted was because the difference was SO, SO different, a factor of 1,000% different. The utorrent file was downloading for at least 8 hours (1.5gb file) at approx 5k/sec. I did check thru all the utorrent settings and tweaked them a bit when I first used it to match my az settings. Thinking this was weird given it had an approx 25/25 seed/leech base. I closed Utorrent, moved the file and torrent (renamed obviously so it would get picked up again) into my 'download\azureus' folder, started up azureus and within a few mins it was clocking 60k/sec. Given that it was only a few mins between the two apps running I found this convincing for me. I could have simply copied the torrent file and run them both or even each app simultaneuosly on a diff pc for more conclusive proof, but I wasn't interested enough. Maybe someone here should try it. set the 4 same torrents going on each client, say approx 4gb transfer per client and let battle commence. I agree there could have been mitigating circumstances but I rarely/never get torrents running at 5k/sec as it is, which aroused my suspicions. I like the way utorrent has been inspired by the azureus UI, and some things (eg tabbed torrent info at bottom) are better, BUT I'm not sure if it had ALL the features I am used to (eg does it support safepeer). I think the azureus auto seeding rules bit is total BS, I did understand it once but it's way too complex. At the end of the day these are just advanced file downloaders I fail to understand why they nned to end up so complicated. A 'main prefs section' which duplicates the 5 or 6 MAIN prefs you need from all the other preference sections ie upload/download speed, num simul downloads/active torrents. I also wish you could enter a second version of these 4 settings called 'throttle settings' accessable from the tray icon menu instead of just pause or stop all transfers as in Azureus now. This should change the tray icon to indicate it is throttled. A release value in mins (say 30) within these throttle settings after which the throttle is released would be handy in case you forget. That said with the faster connections we have nowadays this is not the problem it used to be years ago when you couldnt surf at all when you were maxing out at 50k on your 512 adsl, so you stopped Azureus to surf a bit,and forgot to restart it til next day when you thought your torrent would've completed - doh! doh! doh!!! yer well good luck, what I was hoping for in utorrent as an Azureus alternative was a much simplified program in terms of setup but with a similar feature set and much lower resources. I think the Azureus UI is one of the best, most logical UI's i have seen implemented in ANY program. It's a f*****g work of art! For utorrent to take off I'd try to emulate the best azureus features but simplify and debloat the UI and options as much as is humanly possible. Set it up so your granny can use it, then you could carve a niche. I think the coder who naturally knows what settings are best should just set them that way and only allow a user to tweak stuff they really, truly need to personalise, prolly a max of 10 settings, my toaster only has 1 setting and has made 1,000's of slices and never crashes (it has 2 actually but I never use the other setting!) It's a p2p app not a stock exchange analyser, it simply doesn't need many settings, if any!
  2. I was trying out utorrent and set it to dl a torrent (2mbit adsl). I noticed hours later it was crawling along at 5kB/s. so I closed utorrent and set the torrent to continue in azureus. It immideatly began running at approx 60k/sec. So I for won't be using utorrent and will revert to azureus. dunno why there was this clear difference but 1/10th speed is not good.