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  1. The files tab doesn't update as fast as the torrent list. Are you sure it isn't updating at all? You might try different webui builds to see if the JS error goes away. Seems like that is a new error.
  2. Search these forums for detailed solutions to the library version errors, including specific workarounds for Suse and 64 bit OS.
  3. Thanks. I stopped double-clicking just as soon as the context menu started working and I never looked back
  4. Webui, I assume. The operating system is (almost) irrelevant to this. What browsers and versions were you using in the 10.10 and 11.04? The workaround in previous cases where the context menu priority change wouldn't work was to double-click the torrent file and it will cycle through the priorities. Don't know if this will work in your case, since it stopped working for me with the webui version that made the context menu work.
  5. lithopsian

    µTorrent WebUI

    You can get to the set button with a careful set of keystrokes, but it isn't for the fainthearted.
  6. lithopsian

    µTorrent WebUI

    What client are you using? Most languages have functions that would sort a thousand elements by anything you like in an instant.
  7. I installed uTorrent on Windows a few days ago. It does ask if you want to install the toolbar and the default is not to, but the position and phrasing of the question makes it very easy to say yes without realising what you are doing. The checkbox is something along the lines of "I agree to the terms and conditions (links and stuff) and want to install the toolbar". I don't know if this is deliberately sneaky or accidentally deceptive, but my first thought was certainly to just click next to the terms and conditions. If I hadn't know in advance about the new toolbar I probably would have ended up with it installed.
  8. lithopsian

    µTorrent WebUI

    There's a pause all? Is it in Linux? Maybe I missed a build This was the first command I built into my Firefox add-on, essential with an ISP that doesn't like too much P2P at certain times of the day.
  9. I don't have this problem. Which build are you using? What is the error? Does it get as far as creating the torrent file? Downloaded any content? Just on the off-chance of appearing like a genius, I'll guess at permission problems somewhere in your directory structure.
  10. Up to 100 from 50? If the speed actually increases a little when you allow some extra peers then I would suspect you lack peers that can/will upload to you on those torrents. Lots of reasons why, follow the guide and report back.
  11. Pick up the latest 0.380 webui. The right-click works for me with this, which is much easier than individually double-clicking files to cycle through the priorities.
  12. I've just installed the 23090 build and it is showing radically different network behaviour to the 21886 build I had before. In some respects it seems like the uTP is being excessively sensitive and keeps choking off my bandwidth, and turning off uTP made things a lot better. However, I think the culprit is just tcp_rate_control. Setting this to false seems to cure the problem. I don't know if the setting wasn't working in the 21886 build or whether something is broken in the 23090 build, but they are certainly different. Or maybe uTP bandwidth control wasn't working at all in the earlier build?
  13. lithopsian

    µTorrent WebUI

    It seems to be basically working with the 23090 server build. An earlier server build wasn't so good. There are still some glitches in the options dialogs. Sometimes settings don't seem to take, and the advanced options dialog is rendered funny. Took me a while to work out that there is a text entry box and a button at the bottom because you can't see them. Nice to have a peers tab though And the right-click priority setting works again which is very helpful.
  14. lithopsian

    µTorrent WebUI

    I tried a build or two back with the Linux native server and it just didn't work. I'll try again with the latest build.
  15. low_cpu does impact very high transfer speeds, always has done. Without it, CPU use in Linux is (sometimes!) very high. Seems like a known issue with users, but I don't know if the developers have a handle on it yet.