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  1. Utorrent Server build 25053 was working quite well until I upgraded from Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 and now I can no longer change priority, and some incomplete downloads which had portions marked "Don't Download" cannot be changed. Has anyone else encountered this and is there a way to fix it?

    Webui, I assume. The operating system is (almost) irrelevant to this. What browsers and versions were you using in the 10.10 and 11.04?

    The workaround in previous cases where the context menu priority change wouldn't work was to double-click the torrent file and it will cycle through the priorities. Don't know if this will work in your case, since it stopped working for me with the webui version that made the context menu work.

  2. I installed uTorrent on Windows a few days ago. It does ask if you want to install the toolbar and the default is not to, but the position and phrasing of the question makes it very easy to say yes without realising what you are doing. The checkbox is something along the lines of "I agree to the terms and conditions (links and stuff) and want to install the toolbar". I don't know if this is deliberately sneaky or accidentally deceptive, but my first thought was certainly to just click next to the terms and conditions. If I hadn't know in advance about the new toolbar I probably would have ended up with it installed.

  3. I've just installed the 23090 build and it is showing radically different network behaviour to the 21886 build I had before. In some respects it seems like the uTP is being excessively sensitive and keeps choking off my bandwidth, and turning off uTP made things a lot better. However, I think the culprit is just tcp_rate_control. Setting this to false seems to cure the problem. I don't know if the setting wasn't working in the 21886 build or whether something is broken in the 23090 build, but they are certainly different. Or maybe uTP bandwidth control wasn't working at all in the earlier build?

  4. It seems to be basically working with the 23090 server build. An earlier server build wasn't so good. There are still some glitches in the options dialogs. Sometimes settings don't seem to take, and the advanced options dialog is rendered funny. Took me a while to work out that there is a text entry box and a button at the bottom because you can't see them. Nice to have a peers tab though :) And the right-click priority setting works again which is very helpful.

  5. If I unpack the archive in the directory for the site (in my apache), he does not see the server. And if you connect to the line then everything works.

    You don't unpack the archive. Just leave in the right directory, as per your configuration.

    If you connect to 192.168.*.*:8080/gui/ and see torrents then that is running. That's all it does, just shows stuff in your browser, nothing else.

  6. I'm flying the alpha as my only BitTorrent client (server!) and it is very stable. Making it properly daemonisable is obviously going to be useful, but it can already be managed in most cases as some threads here have shown. I've written a small Firefox extension so I can see what's up without opening the whole WebUI, but utserver works so well that mostly it is just a case of picking up the files a short while after I click a magnet link :)