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  1. if they are with 1.6 probably they are gonna have problems but with 1.7.2 i doubt. I am using vista too and no problems here
  2. does the last fix mean that for private torrents DHT won't work even when it is enabled?
  3. no 1st is that there is 1 torrent seding and below 12 seeders of this torret . 2 different things
  4. Yeah I think it was running pretty well and if there were people complaining they could have used the skin pack. If you don wonna bring back 256x256 icon just put some nice 32x32 & 48x48 ones so it doesnt look angular.
  5. This is cute, tell me you are gonna embade it in da next build , come on 30kb more... nobody cares really.
  6. ))) U have it Edit: suggestion when DL new torrent & Add new Torent dialog pops up, and of course the names are too long we cant see them all, so instead of resizing to see the whole name it wil be batter to show the name when the pointer is placed upon the file name. or if there is a space to write The.Messengers[2007]DvDrip.AC3[Eng]-aXXo instead of The.Messengers[2007]DvDrip.AC3[Eng]-aXXo.sub .. to be shown The.Messengers[2007]DvDrip.AC3[Eng]....sub the extension is important to be shown probably evey 1 of U knows why ... 45355 reasons
  7. just see the difference .... this is NICE shot from RC5
  8. @rafi, why U don't change the icon & dont let us use da old 1 from RC5. even when deleting torrents the associating icon is smaller & uglier I am for 256x256 icons to be included!!!
  9. blqh, ugly please when here comes da final release, give at least here in the forum a link with the Vista icon build, cause I am sure there are a lot of us using Vista!!! If it is not a big deal why we have to suffer not others.
  10. @ Ultima "The difference comes from the speed averaging" can't u make then use the same speed averaging, or it was done like that with a purpose
  11. still not enough free space in the status bar in build 3170 and why there is always a difference in the speed of the torrent itself & status bar , as if they have different refresh time?
  12. np I also noticed that on 16x16 1.6 final looks better than 1.7 not that it is a big thing , but just to say
  13. it has schedule, & turn off when DL copletes here is your nice icon, use it see how it looks
  14. so is it couse my lan & internet are connected(my internet comes through lan)? if so it is dull to have them both , it will be cool if these is an option to chose if i wonna have them or no. in my instance they are useless edit: have an idea, how about this or sth of that kind