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  1. from eveything i've seen i really like the two footprints, pretty original i also like the BloodStaindHurricane's concept, that'a a neat icon you got in there, care to single it out and create different sizes? The whole thing would be great as a site header, except since we are talking minimalistic here, i think it would look better at half the height.
  2. well, been hearing about this client for a while, but had too much stuff going in Azureus to try it. Finally got sick of waiting for all the downloads to finish, so i just closed Azureus, and downloaded µTorrent ("how to type µ" thread answered my question before i had to ask it). Double click, getting ready to install, and surprise, surprise, no need to install this. Major brownie points from me! Opened up an unfinished torrent, 30 seconds later, it resumes at the 70% mark. More brownie points. Anyway, i've been using it for like 15 minutes, and it's really cool so far. Time to go and read all the stickies and the FAQ Oh, and thank you!