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  1. Hi! Is it normal that the beta is hogging like n times 15 MB memory every once in a while? As I remember, uTorrent used less than 10 MB of RAM when minimized to tray, now it uses approx. 15-30-45-60 even when its doing mostly nothing (only a few torrents seeding). It also seems to be oscillating. I tried modifying the size of the cache, but it doesn't seem to be related and it should not be allocated anyway because reading cache is disabled and there are no torrents downloading. Best regards, gLes
  2. Hi! Got a crash dump when trying to install latest build over version 1.8.1. It crashed after installation, but it seemed to have copied itself into the uTorrent folder under C:\Program Files. Nevertheless it started running afterwards from the download folder. Best regards, gLes
  3. Hi! Got you guys a crashdump: Might be related to me starting a command prompt from with high privileges (Start -> "cmd" -> Ctrl+Shift+Enter), because uTorrent first crashed, then only after the process closed did the command prompt show up, kinda. I've no idea what the correlation might be, could be simply a coincident Best regards, gLes
  4. Indeed, this dump is a "Vista bug" crash. See "Fault Module Name: hnetcfg.dll_unloaded" there as well. I also have UPnP enabled on my router and also in uTorrent. Could this be related? I could try disabling UPnP in the router and in uTorrent and see if it happens again. As a matter of fact I've always considered my router to be full of bugs. It sometimes goes nuts and stops responding at all until I hardreset the whole thing, sometimes it just refuses all wireless connections, maybe it does something wild that kills hnetcfg.dll in Vista. Update Thar she blows! I'll try turning off UPnP now.
  5. No, I'm sure it's some kind of unhandled exception in hnetcfg.dll, but this situation seems suitable for some kind of workaround, you just have to identify this crash, and of course it also matters whether it has any consequences if left unhandled...
  6. Yeah I've had this thing for a while now, and just keep getting it. My PC is connected to the internet via a router. I've got no ICS or anything else special configured, maybe except that I've got Virtual PC 2007 installed and that installs a network filter thingy for itself, but VPC is usually not running when uTorrent crashes. These crashes have become quite rare recently. The last time I reported it it still occured once or twice a week, now this one had been only the second in two months. I have another computer here where Vista has just been reinstalled with SP1, I'm not the main user, but noone reported any crashes from uTorrent and I see no crashdumps. Actually I can totally live with this as long as its not too frequent, recovery is quite fast, I just thought you'd like to get to the bottom of this. As the matter of fact you have. You found that the bug is in hnetcfg.dll, which is non of your responsibility. You could either do a workaround somehow, or send the debug information to Microsoft for them to sort it out Update Got you another live one: This happened a little while after upgrading to the newest build (12320). After this I installed the uncompressed build. What's peculiar is that while the crash dialog came up uTorrent itself was working ok in the background, it was responsive and everything. It only crashed after I clicked on a button in the crash dialog. I clicked on the bottom "Do nothing" option and then the Windows crash dialog took over. I tried debugging but I didn't get any smarter than with the .dmp file
  7. Again? I thought that was taken care of ages ago, I mean I haven't encountered such recently Altough I may have, I have a dump that I didn't post because it was for an older build (11903), and I updated to a newer one right away, maybe it's the same cause: uTorrent is running fine ever since it restarted after the last crash. I don't know what triggered it, as in means of user interaction. uTorrent just updated to the newest build automatically and then I added a new torrent and it started downloading ok. Then after a couple of minutes, crash. I'll install the uncompressed version and send you the dumps if this ever happens again. Is there anything else I can do? I have Visual Studio installed, so I can do a debugging locally, but I suppose you can get all that information out of the minidump. Uhm, and there's a miner bug kinda thingy that's been around for ages. I always forget to mention it, and maybe you already know about it. My settings in uTorrent are that it hides in the system tray and it comes back when I double click the icon. And there's the bubble notification when a download finishes. Now sometimes when I locked the computer this bubble doesn't appear, even if a download finishes, and then the double click doesn't work. I have to right click and select Hide/Show uTorrent from the menu. And then randomly the bubble shows up and the double click starts working again. I hope I was clear enough, this thing's rather annoying sometimes, because my first thought are that uTorrent crashed again and got stuck there
  8. Hey there, Got you a little crash dump, latest build, running under Vista 32bit: Enjoy