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  1. Thanks Ultima, I'll check those out.
  2. Hi guys, Just a few questions about the WebUI that I couldn't find in the wiki: Do I use my external home IP in the address if I'm accessing the UI from work? And how would I get past their firewall or my own router firewall/comodo firewall, do I have to open up the ports again for that or is it already open on my end? I can set up a proxy in work if it's blocking the link. Also, I have a Sony Ericsson G900 phone that has Opera 8.65 for Symbian on it and I was surprised to get to the "Loading" of the WebUI with the moving circle bit over the WLAN on it, but it doesn't get any further, any ideas? It asks for the password and everything, just not past the loading. I tried both local IP and external IPs. Thanks.