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  1. I've just published a test build compatible with uTorrent 3.0: Regards.
  2. Firon is right, that was the problem.
  3. Oh, you have found a bug ... Select the torrent in the list, and then try again. It will appear grayed out if you click on an empty space in the torrent list before going to files.
  4. Go to Options menu, Preferences, General tab, click on Associate with .torrent files. Regards.
  5. loozr, that's now fixed in uRemote 2.3 (not yet out). EDIT: µRemote 2.3 is out! Changelog: * FIX: Test connection not always working * FIX: Error when uploading a torrent if the webui username contains special characters * FIX: Window size issue after returning from maximized * ADD: Trackers tab * ADD: 4 more languages
  6. @loozr, I think that you just found a bug. Tomorrow morning I'll hunt down that bug and I'll release an update ASAP. (It uses the same port, that's not the problem). Regards.
  7. @loozr, I don't have a clue on what might be going on, but try this, upload a small torrent and wait a few seconds, if still nothing happens, try clicking the reload list button (it's in the upper right of the window). Also check the error tab to see if there's any additional info there. BTW, are you using a proxy or something?. Regards.
  8. if there will be support for peers tab or not, you have to ask to utorrent api developers.
  9. ffjason, there is no support for peers tab in utorrent api there's a "minimize to tray" option in preferences ... I know it's not the same, but ...
  10. hao0060, You could try using Mono, MoMA says that is compatible: Regards.
  11. arkitek50: The site that uRemote tries to contact after launch is: That's caused by the (mandatory) version checker. You can see that this also happens if you open the about window. It's just a text file with the latest version number. The GetReponse method is generic, so in this case doesn't send anything in pUsername, pPassword nor pDomain. You don't have to trust in me, you may wanna use something like Wireshark to see exactly what is being sent, or set up Fiddler to act as a debugger proxy. Regards.
  12. @CaptHowie, thanks man! but at the moment another uRemote user is providing diskspace & bandwidth.
  13. @sporky, will fix that in next version. @wudicn, yep, that might be because the latest changes on network handling (introduced in 2.2). You may wanna try an old version to see if it's more stable (Send an email to the address in the about window, i'll send you uRemote 2.1). @Lord Alderaan, thanks for reporting, will be fixed in next version ROFLMAO
  14. sporky, was working with 2.1?
  15. µRemote 2.2 is out! add: support for token authentication. add: let the user specify the time between reloads of file list (in Preferences/UI). fix: error when using port 443 over http. fix: hotkeys removed in previous build. change: only make a new torrent/file list requests after receiving a response or timeout of the latest one. More info & download link
  16. @Lord Alderaan, Thanks for the tip. Here's a test build w/token auth support: Yes, it's in rapidshare, i'm running out of quota. Regards.
  17. @Ultima: ok, i'll add token auth support for next version. Sorry for the delayed response, but I'm not following this forum anymore.
  18. I'll look into that issue. Thanks for reporting. Regards. Edit: That issue is fixed in µRemote 2.1.2:
  19. Sorry amontoth, but I don't know what is causing that. You should try updating .Net framework, you're using an old version (2.0.50727.1433). Regards.
  20. @secured2k, Change webui.token_auth to false. @amontoth, what are the errors?
  21. You're right about the installer. It only creates a shortcut in the desktop. About the problem, you have to put the ip or hostname without /gui/. For example, if you use to access the webui you only have to put in uRemote.
  22. amontoth, Are you using the test build? Which other settings do you have enabled (connect at startup?)? What is your operating system? µRemote 2.1.1 is out! Changelog: * ADD: loading torrent status. * ADD: timeout request customization. * ADD: new languages: Polish (Thanks to maTTi) and Swedish (Thanks to Petrus Lundberg). * FIX: test connection not using defined proxy settings. * FIX: some missing strings to translate. * FIX: month display in logger. * FIX: additional checkouts to 'check for updates'. * FIX: bring to front when relaunching and it's minimized in tray. * CHANGE: sorting by queue order now acts like in uTorrent. * CHANGE: loading torrents now occurs synchronously but in a background thread. * CHANGE: show 'unlimited' instead of 0 kB/s in global speed menu.
  23. Send me an email, it's in the about window.
  24. @kylogram, do you have any proxy configured? are you using the test build or latest stable version?
  25. @takumibox, Do you get any error loading .torrents? When you tried to load torrents by url, did you use the cookie info?