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  1. When I use the streaming feature, it opens the file on the local loopback http server. The problem with this is that VLC can't rewind or fastforward while it is viewing the loopback http stream. Is it possible to set the streaming feature to open the partially downloaded file on disk instead?
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    "Sign Up" for WebUI beta testing

    I would like to test this. I can test if foreign character encodings works properly.
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    µTorrent 1.5 released

    The updated version is not on the autoupdate yet. Just download from the main page. You can put utorrent.exe anywhere you like: Desktop, Program Files, whatever. %appdata%\uTorrent is where the settings for µT is stored.
  4. That's just for anonymous surfing. You can do the same thing for free with Tor. (http://tor.eff.org) I don't think it will help. Did you try the encryption option in µT first?
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    µTorrent 1.4.2 beta 435

    Always means µT wouldn't try unencrypted if encryption fails.
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    µTorrent 1.3.2-beta build 401

    I think that the sizing grips made with dots look better.
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    Logo (56kers beware)

    Suggestion for "Actively Developed and Supported" The developer spends a lot of time working on new features and making µTorrent even more user-friendly. On average, a new version is released every 8 days. With an extensive FAQ, an active forum and an IRC channel, any questions you may have will be answered quickly.
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    Logo (56kers beware)

    Great job! It's clean and simple (Both the page and the source). Suggestions: If image loading is off, you can't see the <h1> title. Would using a <img> tag be a better idea because you can use the alt tag? "At A Glance" =>"At a Glance" "You're probably wondering why everybody is switching to µTorrent." =>"Everyone is switching to µTorrent. Here's why." "Micro sized, yet so Feature-filled" =>"Micro Sized, yet Feature-Filled" "just slightly over 100KB in size" =>write the exact size. Yes, it needs to be updated often, but I think it sounds better if it is exact. "bittorrent" =>"BitTorrent" Under "Doesn't Hog Resources" "Take back your computer with µTorrent. With light and efficient memory use (less than 6mb typically) and a low CPU load, you can run just about anything while torrenting." Under "Skinnable and Localized" "Change the icon, toolbar graphics and status icons to suit your mood. Or your desktop. Choose from our wide selection or simply make your own. µTorrent is localized to __ languages. If your language isn't available, you can easily add your own!" [automatic switching is very common; the edit existing translations part sounds as if our current translations are not very good] Under "Actively Developed and Improved" "The developer puts in a lot of time working on new features and making µTorrent even more user-friendly. Releases only come out when they're ready, with no schedule pressures, so bugs are few. Any bugs that slip through are quickly addressed and fixed." [is scheduled release common?] [Maybe contrast the release speed of µT with BitComet and Azureus instead of concentrating on bugs?] "Screenshots. See µTorrent in action." =>"Screenshots" OR "See µTorrent in action." It would be even better if it is valid XHTML like the current site. Hope I don't sound too picky
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    hotchilli.net|UK thanks
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    hknet.com|HK thanks
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    This one is weird. PETER1|MY
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    If the .com/net are not mapped to a flag by default, you'd know all the one s with flags are mapped using the flags.conf and the blank ones need mapping. If they all have flags by default, you don't know which ones are incorrect unless you are familiar with that ISP. Here's a few more, the last one is thanks to snez mycybernet.net|CA hi-velocity.net|UK vispa.com|UK bikab.com|SE spydernet.net|CY
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    Would some people feel offended if a US flag is put in front of their non-US ISP? If all the .com/.net have a US flag, how would you tell which ones are really US and which ones aren't?
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    Sholdn't that be virgin.net? vigin.net doesn't look like an ISP. A few more: megaquebec.net|CA cfu.net|US iserv.net|US Thanks
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    A few more btopenworld.com|UK cableonda.net|PA gte.net|US veridas.net|AU bbtec.net|JP intermonde.net|CA pipex.com|UK triera.net|SI ntli.net|UK bendcable.com|US speakeasy.net|US Why doesn't the automatic detectionwork with the flags.conf? Maybe utorrent could look it up if the hostname is not found in the flags.conf?