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  1. Hey, guy. Let me tell you: I don't like new things. I'm the kind of guy who, if there's a major change to a program he really likes and uses all the time, opens an account on the forums just to say he wishes they'd change it back. Hell, I think I've done it here. I don't make any apologies for that, I just wanted to give you some perspective when I say: I like this new thing. I wasn't sure at first, but once I figured out I could bring back [and remove] tabs, once I really started looking at everything it could do, I gotta tell you: I'm pretty happy. Streaming via sequential piece downloads is something I've been wondering for years why no one does; I get that there are concerns about what that does to availability, but file-level prioritization has been done for years without significant harm. There's a lot that can be done with algorithms to optimize this feature, too; looking forward to seeing what comes of this. Anyway, this is my long-winded way of saying: good on you. If this is the first beta, I can't imagine what the final release will be like.
  2. Wow, do /I/ feel dumb. Thanks, Firon, for everything!
  3. I also don't like the new "theme," but it's great that it's skinnable: that means everyone can have the uTorrent they want. Cool. But I don't really have time to sort through all the different options for the four different images in order to find, say, the old 2.0 theme. Is there a master list of these images, or some other way to quickly and conveniently reskin 2.2b to look like [for example] 2.0?