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  1. When using the run command on completion, I think the command runs before utorrent has finished moving the files to the completed directory. I have a script that I'm executing via on completion. The script copies the DL'ed files to a new location for processing. Some of the files that are copied end up with a file size of zero. I have added some extra logging so I can get some more details but I was curious if anyone could confirm this? I'm running 3.0 but assume its the same in 2.2 and is more a 2.2 feature than 3.0. thoughts?
  2. Thanks Utima that was the problem, I changed my script to this (which gets the list of active torrents back). Code is powershell $port = "80" $server = "server" $user = "Guest123aHjp87dw" $pass = $null $utorrentUrl = "http://$server`:$port/gui/" $webClient = new-object System.Net.WebClient $webClient.Headers.Add("user-agent", "PowerShell Script") $webClient.Credentials = new-object System.Net.NetworkCredential($user, $pass) $result = $webClient.DownloadString($utorrentUrl + "token.html") [string]$cookies = $webClient.ResponseHeaders["Set-Cookie"] if ($result -match ".*<div[^>]*id=[`"`']token[`"`'][^>]*>([^<]*)</div>.*") { $token = $matches[1] $webClient.Headers.Add("Cookie", $cookies) $result = $webClient.DownloadString($utorrentUrl + "?list=1&token=" + $token) }
  3. In the past I have moved torrents from one bittorrent application to another on different PC's by opening a torrent that is already running on the first app/PC on the second app/PC. The two apps transfer data as fast as my internal network would handle. Might be a way if testing if utorrent is capping the speed some how.
  4. I believe so, having compared what was returned to what I passed in. Also the script works in 2.0.4 but not in 3.0. powershell script $port = "80" $server = "server" $user = "Guest123aHjp87dw" $pass = $null $utorrentUrl = "http://$server`:$port/gui/" $webClient = new-object System.Net.WebClient $webClient.Headers.Add("user-agent", "PowerShell Script") $webClient.Credentials = new-object System.Net.NetworkCredential($user, $pass) $result = $webClient.DownloadString($utorrentUrl + "token.html") "Returned Token" $result if ($result -match ".*<div[^>]*id=[`"`']token[`"`'][^>]*>([^<]*)</div>.*") { $token = $matches[1] "url to call | " + $utorrentUrl + "?list=1&token=" + $token $result = $webClient.DownloadString($utorrentUrl + "?list=1&token=" + $token) } Resuts for 2.0.4 <html><div id='token' style='display:none;'>BsIIjTXsKtfWjJqKj9hcJ2q4cRrTYUEQNZ9fMhVbibFPerLwm1YDB5RP0Uw=</div></html> url to call http://server:80/gui/?list=1&token=BsIIjTXsKtfWjJqKj9hcJ2q4cRrTYUEQNZ9fMhVbibFPerLwm1YDB5RP0Uw= Results for 3.0 <html><div id='token' style='display:none;'>zmdlsuY61jEcDoNyZxBgxFZCdeFOtl_TLRREbmviftV026wIeSozv1dR0Uw=</div></html> url to call http://server:80/gui/?list=1&token=zmdlsuY61jEcDoNyZxBgxFZCdeFOtl_TLRREbmviftV026wIeSozv1dR0Uw= Exception calling "DownloadString" with "1" argument(s): "The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request."
  5. Running 22910, does not crash now when loading .torrent from watch folder . Using this process no longer works for me to get info via the webAPI. I have a power shell script that would use the webAPI to see when downloads have been removed. Now when I call /gui/?list=1&token=<token> I get 400 Bad Request. Changing back to 2.0.4 fixes the issue and the script works again. Has the API changed?
  6. I tested this on the same version and had no problems. I had one torrent running and tried setting via status bar (bottom of window) and right clicking on the torrent and selecting bandwidth allocation. Both methods worked as expected (upload went from about 70kb to 20kb).
  7. Same here, It adds the torrent to the list then crashes. I'm running the utorrent client as a service under a 'service account' with restricted access. Is it possible to configure the logging so that it always logs to a file? I have been testing the run command after state change or torrent finished, is working really well. After it has finished I want to copy the files, It's a little tricky to find the name of the file or folder with single file torrents being different to folder torrents. Currently I'm doing this, is there a better way? Code is powershell #%F - Name of downloaded file (for single file torrents) #%D - Directory where files are saved #%N - Title of torrent #if the name is equal to the file its prob single file if($N -eq $F) { #It's a single file torrent $Source = join-path -path $D -childpath $F } else { #It's a folder torrent $Source = $D $sourceObj = get-Item -LiteralPath $Source if ($ -ne $N) { Log_Message "ERROR| Folder name does not match %N: $($" $Source = $null } } Thanks