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  1. I thought that the survey bug was solved, but it just keeps rearing its ugly head (WinXP/SP3) running version 22150. As I posted somewhere else... just get rid of the code which places the survey link!!!! If you want to tell us to do a survey, use the status bar!!!! Leave working features alone.
  2. could we have the beta version number in the title? at least for betas, making it easier to identify which version we are running. There's enough space there just going to waste...
  3. Hi, Sorry for the late entry, but have not had time to get into the forums lately... anyhow, I would like to participate in this beta test... have been downloading torrents for years with just about every client put out. I have been using uTorrent just about since it became public, removing all others shortly afterwards, and am interested in this client's development. * Upload 100Gb/Month (Average) during the last year. * As a software developer (C,C++,Perl,PHP,etc.) and can really bring insight into debugging process * Currently developing (X|)HTML custom application for work.
  4. I guess a revision must also be made to the main page to allow downloading for version 1.4 as a previous version
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