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  1. Great job on the update! can't wait for 1.5! EDIT: Look how far utorrent has come - before, in general use I hardly found many people using it. Now, I see it as often as I see BitComet, and there are some torrents where the entire peer list is all using utorrent Two suggestions though: - Add Peerlist (We can copy the entire list, but only add 1-by-1) - Option for update notification of beta releases
  2. lol, TiB.... don't expect to see those sorts of torrents any time soon...
  3. good stuff! We should get this hosted over here! Also, anyone see the MASSIVE support for Peer Exchange? I bet the 5 votes against are Ludde and the crew
  4. thanks guys, we really appreciate all your hard work!
  5. Should read: Should read: (ok, I'm being picky, but still...) Add 0 hinfügen, and please no abkürzungen!! also... Also, isn't it speihern nach ___ ? also, it should be "Standard ist jedesmal zu fragen"